Highest Paid PFL Fighters | How Much They Earn In Finals & Per Fight?

Highest Paid PFL Fighters

After the success of Ultimate Fighting Championship, many other MMA promotions started functioning and has played an important role in the recognition of this prestigious sport across the globe. Bellator and Professional Fighters Leagues are among the big names in this regard. Launched in 2018, PFL has earned a huge fan following and fame in no time for their outstanding standards and handsome payouts. Here are the complete details about the top 10 highest paid fighters in PFL as they are generating enormous money from their contracts.

Top 10 Highest Paid Fighters In PFL

1 – Anthony Pettis: $750k

The American professional mixed martial artist is on the top of this list as he is holding the most expensive contract deal in PFL. Having started his career in 2007, Pettis has fought exceptionally well and remained the part of multiple promotions including Ultimate Fighting Championship where he won the Lightweight championship. In 2021, Pettis joined PFL on contract basis and now his guaranteed purse for a single fight appearance is $750k.

2 – Kayla Harrison: $500k

Former Olympic and World Judo Champion Kayla Harrison made her professional MMA debut after signing the contract with Professional Fighters League in 2018. So far, Harrison appeared in 16 matches and has won 15 games out of them. In 2021, she has also won the PFL Women’s Lightweight tournament which put her on the top as highest paid women fighters in PFL. Her current base salary for the match is $500k, whereas many other bonuses also available to her.

3 – Rory MacDonald: $250k

Having been the top contender of UFC in past, Rory MacDonald also fought in Bellator and King of the Cage. He is among the best competitors in UFC and Bellator where he managed to win the Welterweight championship. Rory is currently the part of Professional Fighters League where is earning the base salary of $250k besides all other bonuses. Talking about his professional experience, he appeared in 34 fights and won 23 matches out of them.

4 – Omari Akhmedov: $206,000

Previously fought in UFC, the Russian MMA star is currently competing in Professional Fighters League under the Light Heavyweight category. Omari Akhmedov has fought 33 matches in mixed martial arts career so far and won 24 out of them which includes 8 knockout victories. Now, he is fighting in PFL mega pay-per-views where he pockets guaranteed base salary of $206,000 for an event.

5 – Ray Cooper: $200k

Ray Cooper is one of the most famous player of PFL’s all times history and is the part of MMA world since 2012. From the total 34 fights, the American star has 25 wins on his card alongside with 8 losses. While one match ended as draw. Cooper remained the part of many different promotions. However, his best comes out in PFL, where he won the Welterweight Championship twice. That’s why, he is present at 5th in the list of highest paid fighters in PFL with the base salary of $200k.

6 – Magomed Magomedkerimov: $200k

The Russian star mixed martial artist has started fighting for Professional Fighters League in 2018 and is unbeaten so far in his appearance for this promotion. That’s why, Magomed is earning the guaranteed base salary of $200k for an event as per the contract besides any additional bonuses which cause a huge increase in his payouts. However, he has 6 losses in his card from the total of 37 matches and dominated the opponents in 31 fights.

7 – Lance Palmer: $170k

Although fought in many other leagues, Lance Palmer is best famous for his tenure in Professional Fighters League where he has won the Featherweight Tournament Championship twice in 2018 and 2019. He was also a wrestler during his college times which helped him enough to generate a solid physique. Palmer has won 23 competitions so far in his career from the total of 29 matches alongside with 6 losses. He most recently appeared in PFL 5 and is hopeful to make a comeback in this year.

8 – Brendon Loughnane: $170k

Brendon Loughnane, professional mixed martial artist from England is present at number 8 in the list of highest paid PFL fighters with the base salary of $170k for a single event. Throughout his career, he fought 30 MMA matches for different promotions and dominated the opponents in 26 out of them. Most recently, he has won the PFL Featherweight Tournament in 2022, which provides a solid boom to his worth and he is most likely to renew his contract with the promotion.

9 – Natan Schulte: $150k

Since the start of his career back in 2011, Natan Schulte is been phenomenal in his professional career with 23 wins on his card after appearing in 29 matches which consists of 5 losses. Currently, he is holding a ludicrous contract deal with PFL under the lightweight division and has also won the tournament twice under the mentioned category in 2018 as well as in 2019. As per his contract, he is earning the base salary of $150k for his match appearance in the promotion.

10 – Jeremy Stephens: $100k

The career figures of American MMA professional in not been very much impressive as he won only 29 competitions from 51 appearances which also includes 21 defeats. Jeremy Stephens has spent most of his time in Ultimate Fighting Championship and joined PFL in 2022. Despite the fragile figures, Stephens still managed to sign an expensive deal with PFL and now earning the guaranteed match salary of $100k for a match.

Top 10 Highest Paid Fighters In PFL

FightersGuaranteed Purses
Anthony Pettis$750k
Kayla Harrison$500k
Rory MacDonald$250k
Omari Akhmedov$206k
Ray Cooper$200k
Magomed Magomedkerimov$200k
Lance Palmer$170k
Brendon Loughnane$170k
Natan Schulte$150k
Jeremy Stephens$100k

All these are the details about the top 10 highest paid fighters in PFL as of 2023. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!