How Much A PFL Fighter Earn? How they Make $1m for winning title fight?

PFL Fighter Earn

Mixed Martial Artist is one of the leading sports competition which is now popular across the globe. Various promotions are organizing the MMA competitions and TV broadcast deals have put immense money to the sport. Besides the giant UFC and Bellator, Professional Fighters League is also coming to the party, creating some serious damage with huge salaries. Here we have compiled whole data on the basis of official figures about how much a fighter earn in PFL.

How Much A PFL Fighter Earn?

PFL is working since 2018 and now around 82 fighters have signed the contracts with the promotion. Although, PFL is still far behind as compared to Ultimate Fighting Championship and Bellator. However, they still managed higher salaries of the fighters as per their contracts (if received).

On average, a rookie fighter in PFL pocket between $5k to $10k as guaranteed purse besides any bonuses. However, the stars like Anthony Pettis and Kayla Harrison are holding worthy contracts with promotion and pocketing 6 figures. The guaranteed base purse for Harrison is $500k if she fights in the main card.

PFL pays guaranteed purses to the fighters as per their contracts who selected for the bouts in the fight card of event. The minimum purse is $5k while the maximum may be up to $1 million if a famous name is competing in the main event of big pay per view event. Moreover, there are also win bonuses, available only for the professionals who win the contests.

PursesRookie ContractPPV Contract
Guaranteed Purses$5k-$10kup to $1m

All these are the details about how much a PFL fighter earn. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!