How Much Bellator Earn From Sponsorship Deals?

Bellator Earn Sponsorship Deals

After Ultimate Fighting Championship, the promotion which played a crucial role to expand mixed martial arts fighting across the globe is none other than Bellator. Founded in 2008, the promotion has done some serious work and now ranked among the biggest MMA promotions. Some of the big names including the likes of Will Brooks, Ben Askren and Eddie Alvarez remained the part of Bellator and are one of the major reason why brands endorsed the promotion. Here are the complete details about how much Bellator earn from the sponsorship deals.

How Much Bellator Earn From Sponsorship Deals?

Bellator is not very much rich MMA industry. However, TV coverage deals and sponsorships have played their part in in bringing some heavy numbers. The revenue of Bellator has crossed the $41 Million mark annually. Bigger chunk of this revenuie comes from TV coverage deal and endorsement deals. Bellator pockets around $18 Million from the sponsors. The major brands and companies which sign the sponsorship deals with the promotion and how much Bellator earn from them described below.

Blackhawk Tires: $7 Million

Blackhawk is an American automobile company and is among the latest sponsors of Bellator. It holds the most expensive sponsorship deal with the promotion bringing about $7 Million annually. Bellator 288 was the first event Blackhawk Tires endorsed.

Old World Industries: $3.5 Million

Another automobile company which is sponsoring the Bellator MMA is Old World Industries especially its PEAK Brand. PEAK is famous for making motor oils, antifreeze and other automotive products and working across more than 60 countries. Bellator deal with PEAK brand bring $3.5 Million annually to the bank.

Bellator Sponsors

SponsorsAnnual Revenue
Blackhawk Tires$7 Million
Old World Industries$3.5 Million

All these are the details about how much Bellator earn from sponsorship deals. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!