How Much UFC Make from Sponsorship Deals? How it Impacts players payouts on fight day?

UFC Earn Sponsorship Deals

Ultimate Fighting Championship is now leading the Mixed Martial Arts industry as they made progress by leaps and bounds in the recent years. A number of big fighters associated with the promotion including the likes of Khabib, McGregor and Jose Aldo. Thus, brands and companies also attracted toward UFC to generate some solid numbers by promoting their name. Thus, they signed the sponsorship deals and pay good amount to the industry. Here are the complete details about how much UFC earn from sponsorship deals.

How Much UFC Earn From Sponsorship Deals?

The annual revenue of UFC has now reached the $1 Billion mark. Different factors play crucial roles to generate these heavy numbers including the TV coverage deals, merchandise sales, PPV sales, tickets revenue and sponsorship deals. A number of brands has signed up the deals to pay UFC for using their logo in the big PPV fights. On average, UFC earns around $140 Million from the sponsorship deals with the following brands.

1 – DraftKings: $70 Million/Year

Draftking is one of the biggest sponsor of UFC and has signed the ludicrous deal in 2021 for 5 years. The deal is having the worth of $350 Million and UFC will generate $70 Million from the deal and there may be extension in the contract after 5 years. DraftKing is the leading sports betting company globally and is looking to generate heavy revenue from the multimillion deal with promotion.

2 – Modelo: $20 Million/Year

The brewery industry is also having an expensive contracts deal with UFC and thus, a big source of revenue. Modelo has signed the deal for the first time in 2017 and then after having a solid sum, they renewed the deal again in 2021. UFC will bank the revenue of $20 Million from the deal on annual basis.

3 – $17.5 Million

Another sponsor with ludicrous deal with the UFC Industry is Crypto which pays $17.5 Million annually for using their logo in the arenas. is the globally leading crypto exchange company whish is based in Singapore.

4 – Venum: $12 Million/Year

Another big sponsorship deal available to the UFC and fighters associated with the promotion is Venum deal. Thus, the champions and challengers get the maximum cut of $42k and $32k respectively. Moreover, UFC will receive annual revenue of $12 million from the deal.

5 – O2 Industries: $3 Million

The British telecommunication company O2 is also listed among the top sponsors of UFC and pay $3 Million on annual basis.

UFC Sponsors

DraftKings$70 Million
Modelo$20 Million$17.5 Million
Venum$12 Million
O2 Industries$3 Million

All these are the details about how much UFC earn from the sponsorship deals. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!