UFC 283 Fighters Salaries | Teixeira vs Hill Purse Payouts | How Much PPV Share Bonuses Awarded to Fighters?

UFC 283 Salaries

The UFC promotion return to Brazil, this upcoming weekend, Deiveson Figueiredo will defend his flyweight title against Brandon Moreno. The fight between Figueiredo and Moreno reported to be co-main event and while the main-event fight held between Light Heavyweight ex champion Glover Teixeira and Jamahal Hill. UFC 283 salaries, purse payouts and sponsorship bonuses reported for the fight card.

FightersPurseWin BonusSponsorship UFC BonusPPV ShareTotal Payouts
Glover Teixeira$500kN/A$42k$50k$500k$1.09m
Jamahal Hill$210k$100k$32k$50kN/A$392k
Deiveson Figueiredo$750kN/A$42kN/A$500k$1.29m
Brandon Moreno$400k$100k$32kN/A$300k$834k
Gilbert Burns$285k$100k$20kN/AN/A$405k
Neil Magny$210kN/A$15kN/AN/A$225k
Jéssica Andrade$200k$100k$15kN/AN/A$315k
Lauren Murphy$75kN/A$10kN/AN/A$85k
Paul Craig$110kN/A$10kN/AN/A$120k
Johnny Walker$60k$60k$5kN/AN/A$125k
Maurício Rua$75kN/A$10kN/AN/A$85k
Ihor Potieria$12k$12k$4kN/AN/A$28k
Gregory Rodrigues$48kN/A$5kN/AN/A$53k
Brunno Ferreira$12k$12k$4kN/AN/A$28k
Thiago Moisés$75k$75k$10kN/AN/A$160k
Melquizael Costa$12kN/A$4kN/AN/A$16k
Mounir Lazzez$26kN/A$5kN/AN/A$31k
Gabriel Bonfim$12k$12k$4kN/AN/A$28k
Shamil Abdurakhimov$75kN/A$10kN/AN/A$85k
Jailton Almeida$28k$28k$5k$50kN/A$111k
Terrance McKinney$26kN/A$5kN/AN/A$31k
Ismael Bonfim$12k$12k$4k$50kN/A$78k
Warlley Alves$60kN/A$10kN/AN/A$70k
Nicolas Dalby$30k$30k$5kN/AN/A$65k
Josiane Nunes$18k$18k$4kN/AN/A$40k
Zarah Fairn Dos Santos$20kN/A$4kN/AN/A$24k
Luan Lacerda$12kN/A$4kN/AN/A$16k
Cody Stamann$40k$40k$5kN/AN/A$85k
Saimon Oliveira$12kN/A$4kN/AN/A$16k
Daniel Marcos$12k$12k$4kN/AN/A$28k
How Much Teixeira and Hill Will Earn at UFC 283?

The fight is confirmed between Glover Teixeira and Jamahal Hill the guaranteed purse $710k distributed among these two. However Teixeira is ex-champion of Light Heavyweight division will earn $20k from sponsorship. PPV share money bonus is estimated UFC never revealed how much they pay to their fighters. Estimated PPV share money reported worth of $500k for Teixeira.

What will be Purse Share of Deiveson Figuiredo and Brandon Moreno?

There will be share of $1.1m for the title fight challenger and holder. Deiveson Figueiredo earn guaranteed purse $750k for the fight and if manage to claim victory his overall earnings to $1.3m including ppv share points (estimated) not official revealed. Brand Moreno guaranteed earnings for the UFC fight at 283 card supposed to be $400k and but winning result will impact overall payout of the fighter he will earn upto $1m.

UFC Performance Bonuses :

Performance of the Night : UFC always surprise the fighters they recently paid to 9 fighters performance of the night bonus at pay-per-view card, but most of the time promotion retain POTN for only 4-6 fighters per fight card.

  • FOTN : Glover Teixeira & Jamahal Hill ($50k each)
  • POTN : Ismael Bonfim and Jailton Almeida | $50k each

Fight of the Night : The two fighters who got selected for the fight of the night will be awarded with the prize money of $50k each.

How Much UFC 283 PPV Will Generate from Gateway Income & PPV Sales?
  • UFC 283 PPV Sales : 600k estimated sales on fight
  • Gateway Income : $4m estimated earnings gateway

Further details regarding to UFC 283 salaries, fighter purse updated after the pay-per-view completed. The PPV share money reported for the fighters is estimated, UFC never revealed but they pay big payday to some fighters. How much UFC 283 sales impact the past UFC 282 event we have to wait until this weekend.