UFC Fighters With Expensive Sponsorship Deals | How Much These Endorsements Help Them in their Careers?

UFC Fighters Sponsorship Deals

There is a great evolution in the Ultimate Fighting Championship over the course of years. And the involvement of money has improved the things to a greater extent. Now, fighters are ockting heavy number from the contract salary with the promotion. Moreover, PPV sales also add handsome money to their accounts. Another big source is endorsements. Multiple brands and companies sign the deals with fighters. Here are the complete details about the top 10 most popular UFC fighters with most expensive sponsorship deals.

UFC Fighters With Expensive Sponsorship Deals

1 – Conor McGregor: $16 Million

The first man to hold two UFC championships titles simultaneously is on the top of list as he grabbed ludicrous money throughout his career. McGregor is one of the best mixed martial arts fighters Ireland has ever produced. Having started his career in 2008, he always remains the part of biggest PPV fights of UFC history. Still, he is holding the contract of annual worth $3.5 million with the promotion. Besides, endorsements from multiple brands including the likes of Reebok, Burger King, Tiger.Trade, Beats by Dre and EA Sports makes him earn an additional $16 million per year.

2 – Israel Adesanya: $8.9 Million

Israel Adesanya is next to our list and present just beneath the Conor McGregor because he also earns biggest chunk of his money from endorsements. The professional mixed martial artist from New Zealand is currently competing under the middleweight category of Ultimate Fighting Championship and is among the most marketable fighters. His endorsements with ENGAGE, Peak Milk, Reebok and NordVPN bring him $8.9 million per year.

3 – Stipe Miocic: $4 Million

The American professional mixed martial artist Stipe Miocic has recently lost his UFC heavyweight championship in a fight against Francis Ngannou in 2021. Still, he is among the difficult contenders and is hopeful to make his comeback in the upcoming PPV fights for grabbing the title again. Although, he is out of the ring since March 2021. Yet, money is coming to his bank from the endorsements. The sponsorship deals with the widely recognized brands like Reebok, Cub Cadet and Modelo adds $4 million to his annual earnings.

4 – Amanda Nunes: $3.7 Million

The current UFC Women Bantamweiight champion Amanda Nunes is most probably one of the most successful women fighters in the history. Having started her career in 2008, Nunes went on achieving wins in the big PPV fights. Thus, she pockets big numbers from the contract and endorsements. She has signed the sponsorship deals with TEN spring water and Reebok and pocketing $3.7 million per year.

5 – Justin Gaethje: $1 Million

Justin Gaethje, professional MMA fighter from America is currently competing under the lightweight category. His endorsements deals with Reebok, ONX Labs and MyBookie alongside with other brands brings $1 million annually. While his base salary as per the contract with UFC is $500k besides the PPV share revenue. Gaethje is looking to make a solid comeback in the ring as he faced a defeat against Charles Oliveira in his last fight.

6 – Alistair Overeem: $800k

In his very first match at UFC, Alistair Overeem defeated one of the biggest name Brock Lesnar and in no time, his fame increased to an incredible level. He is currently competing in UFC under the heavyweight category for the contract salary of $500k. While the brands endorsements is also one of the big reason of his increasing net worth. Alistair Overeem is signed up by multiple brands including F3 Nutrition and Rize which adds $800k annually to his balance.

7 – Tony Ferguson: $750k

Tony Ferguson is going through one of the worst phase of his career as he has lost his last 5 fights consecutively. However, he is the popular face of Ultimate Fighting Championship and is generating good money from the contract deal with the promotion. His base salary is $500k while the endorsements deals with RDX Sports, Monster, and Reebok put an extra $750k in his annual earnings.

8 – Deiveson Figueiredo: $600k

Current UFC flyweight champion is present in the list at number 8 as he has done extremely well since the beginning of his career. Deiveson Figueiredo, professional mixed martial artist from Brazil is making his way to get on to the top due to his exceptional fighting skills. That’s why, he is the focal point of big endorsers and pocketing $600k for the sponsrship deals with Sea Telecom, Haymakers and Reebok.

9 – Michael Chandler: $500k

After having wonderful time in Bellator, American professionall MMA fighter moved to UFC in 2021. Michael Chandler has fought 5 matches so far in UFC and won 2 out of them. He has impressed the world with his wonderful gameplay and is pocketing the base salary of $500k from the promotion. Moreover, his market value also increased after joining UFC and endorsements from Cryptocurrency and Dymatize brings an additional $500k to his bank.

10 – Miesha Tate: $450k

In her long running career which started in 2007, Miesha Tate has faced a number of big opponents and made wonderful achievements. She is currently active and competing under the Flyweight category. However, her performance is very poor in the recent years which caused a decline in her endorsement earnings. Still, she is pocketing $450k from the sponsorship deals with multiple known brands and companies.

Top 10 Popular UFC Fighters With Expensive Sponsorship Deals

#No.FightersSponsorship EarningsContract Salary
1Conor McGregor$16 Million$3.5 Million
2Israel Adesanya$8.9 Million$1 Million
3Stipe Miocic$4 Million$750k
4Amanda Nunes$3.7 Million$650k
5Justin Gaethje$1 Million$500k
6Alistair Overeem$800k$500k
7Tony Ferguson$750k$500k
8Deiveson Figueiredo$600k$500k
9Michael Chandler$500k$500k
10Miesha Tate$450k

All these are the details about the UFC fighters with most expensive sponsorship deals. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!