Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje Guaranteed Purses UFC 274

Charles Oliveira Gaethje Purse

Charles Oliveira back in action in the upcoming weekend he will be fighting number one contender for light weight title Justin Gaethje. UFC 274 which is previously held in Brazil, home ground for Oliveira, the promotion announced weeks before the fight that it’s back to USA at Phoenix, Arizona. Charles Oliveira Justin Gaethje purse payouts reported for the fight.

FightersGuaranteed PursePromotional BonusPPV ShareUFC Bonuses
Charles Oliveira$500k$42k60%not reported
Justin Gaethje$500k$32k40%not reported

Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje Purse Payouts

Guaranteed Purse | Oliveira will pocket a guaranteed purse of $500k as he is the current UFC lightweight champion. While the interim lightweight champion Gaethje will bank $500k as guaranteed purse.

Sponsorships | Oliveira and Gaethje, both are holding a sponsorship deal with Venum. Oliveira being champion will receive an additional $42k for the fight while Gaethje will earn $32k.

Charles Oliveira

Guaranteed Purse | $500k
Sponsorship | $42k
Category | Lightweight
Status | Active

Brazilian professional mixed martial artist is currently holding a contract deal with UFC. He fought 41 matches in his career and won 32 out of them. He competes in lightweight category and is current lightweight champion.

PPV Earnings | The fight will be a PPV event and ESPN+ will make the live broadcast. If the PPV sales will reach the required mark, Oliveira will get 60% and Gaethje will bank 40% in terms of PPV bonus.

Justin Gaethje

Guaranteed Purse | $500k
Sponsorship | $32k
Category | Lightweight
Status | Active

Justin Gaethje belongs to America and is also active in lightweight category. In his professional career, he participated in 26 matches and dominated the opponents in 23. Gaethje is the current UFC Interim champion.

UFC Bonuses | UFC also offers different bonuses like Performance of the Night and Fight of the Night for the fighters who make exceptional showcase of their skills. It will bring an extra $50k in the total purse of the fighter.

That’s all about the purse payouts details of Charles Oliveira vs Justin Gaethje along with the PPV payouts. The sponsorship bonuses and UFC bonuses details revealed. Further changes will be available here.