Sean O’Malley vs Raulian Paiva Purse Payouts & PPV Share Bonus (UFC 269)

Sean O'Malley Career Earning

The UFC 269 next pay-per-view and last of the season, the main-card fights reported and many changes to the fights made before the event. Sean O’Malley will face opponent Raulian Paiva in the upcoming UFC 269 pay-per-view, if manage to get win against opponent, he will be next number one contender for the UFC bantamweight title. Sean O’Malley Raulian Paiva purse payouts for the fights reported, at UFC 269 but only guaranteed no pay-per-view share revealed.

FightersGuaranteed PurseWin BonusSponsorship BonusPerformance Bonus
Sean O’Malley$200,000$100,000$15,000$50,000
Raulian Pavia$48,000$48,000$5,000$50,000

Sean O’Mally (15 Fights, 14 Wins, 1 Lost), looks in good shape to fight opponent Pavia in the upcoming weekend. He will make guaranteed purse $200k for the fight win bonus awarded if manage to pull victory 15th time in his career. His contract renewal is next year 2022.

Raulian Pavia (24 Fights, 21 Wins, 3 Lost), it’s a great chance for Pavia to get future title shot, he hold winning streak of three fights looking forward to extend it to four fights. But O’Malley won’t be an easy opponent for him he will give him tough time and create problems for in the first two rounds. However, the purse for Pavia fight reported he will take $48k guaranteed.

Complete details based on Sean O’Malley Raulian Paiva purse updated after their fight which include win bonus and performance bonus.

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