FIFA Club Benefit Payments: Qatar World Cup Has A Share Of $310 Million Funds Reserve For CBP

fifa prize money in 2022 world cup

Under the 2022 Club Benefit Payments Programme, a share of the benefits from the successful hosting of a FIFA World Cup is distributed among associated clubs. The Distribution is done via Member Associations to the clubs of the players who participate in the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefit Benefit Payments Breakdown

As part of the agreement between ECA and FIFA in 2008, The FIFA World Cup Club Benefits Programme was designed. It was established to recognize the contribution that football clubs make to the success of staging the FIFA World Cup

What is the FIFA World Cup Club Benefit Program?

  • It is a fund that was designed in order to recognize the contribution of football clubs. Football clubs that helps in the successful staging of the FIFA World Cup.
  • It is a share of the benefits of hosting the tournament.
  • It is then distributed through the Member Associations to clubs releasing players for the FIFA World Cup.

When was the program established

  • The FIFA World Cup Club Benefits Programme was established ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. It was made after an agreement was signed between FIFA and the European Club Association (“ECA”).

How much money is set aside for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefit program

The amount of CBP of money set aside is based on the profit of Worldcup. The share of the benefits of the 2014 FIFA World Cup was $70 million. In 2010 the allocated share was US $40 million for the World Cup.

For 2022 | FIFA signed a new agreement in 2015. According to that, the FIFA World Cup club benefits increased the price three times. For the 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, every club will receive a proportional share of $310 million.

However, The distribution mechanism will be identical to the method used in 2014. The mechanism will be managed by the FIFA Professional Football Department.

Who distributes the payments to the clubs

Any payments the club is entitled to receive will be distributed via the Member Association. It will be given to clubs after the successful staging of the World Cup.

Distribution Mechanism for FIFA World Cup 2022

The distribution mechanism for the FIFA World Cup only benefits clubs releasing players to the final tournament. The Distribution Amount is divided by the total number of days (around 24,500). Which results in an amount per player per day of around the US $8,530 (subject to any taxes and deductions).

Calculation of payments and Distribution for FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefit program |

  • Total number of players at the World Cup: 736 (32 teams x 23 players on each team)
  • Total approximate number of days cumulatively of participation: 24,500
  • Distribution amount of $310 million is divided by the total number of days. Which are approximately 24,500. As a result, amount per player per day is $8,530.
  • The amount of $8,530 is multiplied by the number of days each player is at the World Cup. Starting two weeks before the Opening Match until the day following the last match of his team (total per player).
  • The total per player is then distributed to the clubs with which the player was registered during the previous two years.

How is each club’s share calculated for World Cup 2022 Club Benefit programme

The FIFA World Cup Club benefit Programme calculations are based on a FIFA model. The model works on the basis of:

  • The model takes into consideration the number of players from the club. Players who are selected for a representative team squad at the World Cup. And The number of days each player is at the final tournament. Starting two weeks before the Opening Match until the day after the player’s team is eliminated.
  • A share is then passed on to the clubs with which the player was registered in the two years prior to one day after his representative national team’s elimination from the tournament.
  • It is not relevant whether or not the player actually played in any given match.

Amounts distributed to the clubs

FIFA establish a scheme that does not favor a particular continental transfer period. FIFA came up with the following table to determine a list of the clubs with which the representative teams’ players were registered throughout the given two-year period.

Clubs and their Club Benefit Programme compensation payments at the 2018 World Cup

RankClub Club Benefit Programme Fund
1Real Madrid€3,353,700
2Manchester City€3,199,100
3Chelsea FC€2,980,300
4Barcelona FC€2,701,500
5Paris Saint Germain€2,679,500
6Tottenham Hotspurs€2,629,100
7Manchester United€2,311,700
8AS Monaco€2,251,400
9FC Bayern Munich€2,145,900
10Arsenal FC€1,929,400
12Atlético Madrid€1,869,100
13Al Hilal Riyadh€1,819,000
14Liverpool FC€1,756,000
15Leicester City€1,662,100
16FC Porto€1,645,500
17Benfica Lisbon€1,638,200
18Al-Ahli Jeddah€1,626,500
19El Ahly Cairo€1,580,700
20BVB Dortmund€1,460,200
21Inter Milan€1,423,900
22Borussia Monchengladbach€1,325,400
23Sporting Lisbon€1,253,600
24Locomotive Moscow€1,195,600
25SSC Naples€1,193,200
26AC Milan€1,188,200
27Zamalek SC€1,046,700
28Olympique Marseille€1,039,100
29FC Seville€1,019,700
30RSC Anderlecht€988,700
31AS Roma€962,400
32Club Africain Tunis€938,200
33Feyenoord Rotterdam€930,800
35Southampton F.C€895,000
36Zenit St.Petersburg€861,300
37Swansea City€841,900
38Eintracht Frankfurt€839,500
39UC Sampdoria Genoa€839,500
40Celtic Glasgow€837,100
41Boca Juniors€829,900
42AC Fiorentina€820,200
43FC Krasnodar€808,400
44CSKA Moscow€779,600
45VfL Wolfsburg€777,100
46FC Toulouse€765,000
47FC Torino€762,600
48RB Leipzig€760,100
49Tigres UANL€755,300
50FC Copenhagen€750,300

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