AEW Referees Salaries | How Much They Will Earn Per Match In Main PPV Event

In a wrestling match, the duty of referee is the most crucial one as he has to keep an eye on each move of the fighter. Moreover, he has to refrain the wrestlers from getting out of the rules. Thus, the decision of the fight depends majorly on the referee. How much these officials earn? Here we have the details of AEW referees salaries along with the PPV bonuses and sponsorships.

AEW Referees Salaries

Different wrestling promotions offer contracts to the referees. Among them, AEW has made its mark and emerged as the top promotion in the previous few years. They are not only offering the worthy contracts to the fighters but also paying good payouts to the staff.

AEW Referees Salaries

The salaries of different referees are different based upon their expertise and performance in the ring. AEW offers contracts to different worth to the professionals on the basis of their record while the rookies don’t get any such contract.


The beginners who are going to start their career as referees for AEW do not get the contract deals. They just receive the per match fees for becoming a part of the ordinary fights. They also don’t get the chance of becoming a part of big PPV fights. Once they get the 1 or 2 years experience along with good performance, AEW offers contracts to them. A rookie AEW referee pockets around $100 per fight.


The professional referee has experience of 3 to 5 years for performing his duties in the ring. Based on their performance and skill level, they receive the contracts of different worth. Moreover, there are many other money grabbing ways available to them.

  • Contract Salary | The contract salary allows the referees to grab solid earnings as per match fees. On general, they pocket $250 as their match fee for participating in general fights.
  • PPV Bonuses | The professional referees also get the chances of officiating big PPV fights. Thus, they receive extra bonuses for becoming part of these fights. A professional referee pocket $500 or more as a match fee for big PPV fights.
  • Sponsorships | There are many sponsorships available for the experienced referees that surely make a solid increment in the total earnings of the referee.

Other Bonuses | There are also many other bonuses AEW is providing to its professional referees. Some of them are

  • Free Accommodation
  • Travel Fee
  • Free Parking Tickets
  • Health Insurance
CategoriesFee/MatchFee/Main Event MatchYearly Salary

Highest Paid AEW Referees & Salaries

Here are the highest paid AEW referees who are earning good money from the contract and also receiving bonuses for participating in the PPV matches.

Aubrey Edwards

Aubrey Edwards, professional wrestling referee from America is currently having a contract deal with AEW. She has joined All Elite Wrestling in 2019 and became the first professional women referee of the wrestling world. She is currently the highest paid referee of AEW earning $100k from the contract and PPV matches.

Bryce Remsburg

Bryce Remsburg is another famous referee of wrestling world who is also signed with AEW currently. He is earning match fee of $250 for normal matches while the PPV bonus of big fights raise the per match fee up to $500.

CategoriesFee/MatchFee/Main Event MatchYearly Salary
Aubrey Edwards$350$750$100,000
Bryce Remsburg$250$500$50,000
Mike Posey$250$500$50,000
Paul Turner$250$500$50,000
Rick Knox$250$500$50,000
Stephon Smith$250$500$50,000

That’s all are the details about the AEW referees salaries. These payouts are far less than the boxing referees salaries. Further changes will be available if there is any change in the information.