African Richest Football Competitions | Africa Cup Of Nations & CAF Champion League Are The Highest Prize Money Tournaments

African Richest Football Competitions

In the previous few years, there is an immense increase in the popularity of Football in Africa. The main reason behind it the beginning of football competitions that makes this prestigious sport more famous. Now, there are various African leagues and international competitions in which the African footballers are playing to showcase their talent. How much they are earning in them? Here is a list of the richest African football competitions.

African Richest Football Competitions Money Breakdown

Sponsorships | Sponsorship deals are important part of the revenue of an event. The big is the sponsorship deal, the more revenue will be generated in an event and ultimately the greater is the prize money. Binance is sponsoring the AFCON cup for eight years with a deal of worth more than $1 Billion. Thus, the event is on the top in the list of richest football competition in Africa. While the low prize money of CAF super cup is due to its low worth sponsorship deal with TotalEnergies.

TV Pool Market Value | TV pool market value is also a big source of generating revenue for a tournament. Africa Cup of Nation is generating a great revenue from its TV broadcasting deals and thus making an increment in the prize money. While the CAF champions league is also making good money but comparatively less than the AFCON cup.

Tickets Share | The more famous the event is, there will be more tickets sale. AFCON cup features the big names of the world sports like Muhammad Salah who have a large number of fans all around the world. Ultimately, there will be more ticket sales and more money. So, ticket share also distributed among the teams. CAF super cup offers just 2% tickets share.

CAF Super Cup

African Football Competitions Prize Money Comparison

StagesAfrican Cup of NationsCAF Champions LeagueConfederation Cup (CAF)CAF Super Cup
Prize Money$14.5 Million$5 Million$3 Million$500,000
Winner’s Share$4.5 Million$2.5 Million$1.2 Million$200,000
Runners-Up$2.5 Million$1.2 Million$625,000$100,000
Semi-Finalists$2 Million$875,000$450,000$70,000

These are the details of the prize money break down of different African tournaments and leagues. The prize money of different contests is different and based on various factors including sponsorship deals ,TV broadcasting and pool market values.

That’s all about the money breakdown details of different African football competitions. If there are further details about the deals and contracts and any change in the prize money, we will update them on the site.

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