Average Salaries of Boxers Worldwide

Many of us think that Boxers are paid in Millions of bucks to fight a match. If Boxers like Floyed Mayweather, Anthony Joshua are earning millions of dollar to fight a match then all boxers are must earning in millions. Hoewever, thats not the case here. The median salaries of boxers mostly Pro’s are in the range of $150-500K.

Yes, thats true. Only 1% of Pro Boxers are making Millions per fight. Thats mean more then half of the professional boxers competing today earned less than this amount. The rest is far behind from the figure.

Morever thats the scenario for Pro boxers, what about Amature or Entery level Boxers? How much they earn per fight? Or even they get paid or not?

To answers these questions have a look at the Average salaries of Boxers table:

CategoryAverage Salary per Fight
Top Boxers$2-10 million
Pro Boxers$150-500 K
Amature Boxers$50-100 K
Entry Level Boxers$4-30 K
Pro Boxers

The ugky truth is that, the majority of pro boxers are not earning mililion dollars salaries similar to the likes of Canelo Álvarez, Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Furry, Anthony Joshua, and the rest of the elite boxers competing today.

Floyd Mayweather alone has made over a billion dollars in the boxing ring. However, he is one of kind, represneting the elite 1%. Rest 99% of professional boxers competing today will never see that type of money.

They mostly earn money from match share, Merchandise sale and PPV revenue if they draw corwd attnetion.

Amature Boxers

Amature boxers are not pid directly or offered contracts from teams. Neither they receive any fight nor tournament prizes. They only get compensation from the endrorsement deals which they signed with compaines.

Mostly amerture boxers are trained to take part in Oylampics. So, in order to make them ready, Amatures boxers gets grant from their givernemnt.

Amaerture boxing is basically particitapeting in competetaion that held at Pan American Games, Olympic Games, Collegiate level, and Commonwealth Games, etc.

Amateur boxers are helped by the government by giving them a job like Police, Army, Navy, Marines. So that amateur boxers can get paid from their full time jobs in order to focus on boxing all the time.

Entry Level Boxers

Entry Level Boxers or boxing pioner is bascially a start for an athelete. A promising looking athelte gets the attraction of local sponsers and can signed local endorsemnte deals. However, They got traind under thier fedration rule.

Average salary for a match fight varries dieffernet in all regions. Have a look:

RegionAvearge salary per fight (Min)

Only in America Beginer level boxer get paid atleast $25K US Dollars. Asia offeres the lowest Match fee starting from mere $4000 US dollar.


it’s important to remember that many professional boxers, amature boxers or even Beginners, aren’t fighting solely for the money. They fight because they truly love the sport of boxing.

However, its important to get paid enough while you can fight. Once you hang your gloves, there are no jobs other then being a coach waiting for you.

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