FC Barcelona Kit Deal With Nike Until 2028 | Contract Worth Of €1.05 Billion + Addons For Ten Years

During Josep Maria Bartomeu’s presidential run, Barcelona signed a new kit deal contract with Nike. According to the reports, the current Barcelona Kit Contract Deal with Nike is worth €105 million + Add-ons per year.

If they sum up the potential Add-ons, the annual amount will be €155 million per year.

Now take a look at the financial numbers behind the Barcelona Kit Contract Deal with Nike:

Kit SupplierNike
Duration10 years (2018-2028)
Yearly payments€105 million + addons
Total payment over 10 years€1.05 billion + addons
Any performance-related clauses? €5 million a year will be added to the yearly deal if Barcelona wins the champions league.

American Sportswear giant “Nike” has been the official kit supplier of the club since 1998. Both parties always look forward to accommodating each other. After 2017, Both parties were keen to renew the contract.

So in 2018, Barcelona signed a new kit contract deal with Nike worth €1.05 billion + addons in total payment over 10 years.

This deal, though, was not meant to be signed until July 2018, when Nike’s then-existing deal expired.

Before Real Madrid announced its kit supplier deal with Adidas, the Barca-Nike kit deal was the most lucrative kit deal in football history.

Barcelona shirt sponsorship deal

In 2016, Barcelona roped Rakuten (Japanese electronic commerce & online retailing company) as the club principal shirt sponsor and Official Innovation & Entertainment partner.

Barcelona shirt sponsorship deal with Rakuten worth €60 million per year.

Have a look at the financial numbers behind the deal:

Duration5 years (2017-18 season to 2022-23)
Yearly payments€60 million a year
Total payment over 5 years€300 million
Any performance-related clauses?€5 million a year will be wiped off the yearly deal if Barcelona fails to qualify for Champions League.

The deal was signed in 2017, which ended the Qatar Airways shirt sponsorship deal. As a result, fans see Rakuten’s logo emblazoned across the front of the club’s matchday kits.

The deal is worth €300 million in total payment over 5 years. However, the initial deal was for 3 years but got extended for seasons 2020 and 2021.

Due to Covid-19, Rakuten cut the deal to half as a result Barcelona stuck with a reduced fee of €30 million for the 2021-22 season.

Moreover, Rakuten is unhappy with the club’s management and looking forward to terminating the contract with Barcelona. A report claims Rakuten is ready to end its association with Barça after the ongoing season.

Barcelona Sleeve Contract Deal

In 2018, Barcelona signed a sleeve contract deal with Turkish company ”Beko” worth €57 million in total payments over three years.

This deal then saw Beko become the club’s Official Training and Home Appliances Partner. Beko also became the front-of-shirt sponsor of the club’s training wear.

Like Rakuten, Beko is not happy with Club management. However, after assuring them, the company signed a one-year extension deal with Barcelona at a reduced fee of €10m to cover the 2021-22 season.

With this deal, they retained the front-of-training-shirt sponsorship rights but dropped the sleeve sponsorship rights for Barça’s matchday shirts.


Barcelona kit contract deal with Nike is worth €105 million + Add-ons per year. The deal was announced in 2018, however, till now it was not signed officially.

On the other side, Barcelona is set to lose its two shirt sponsors Rakuten and Beko due to poor management and Leo Messi’s departure from the club.

However, Both companies signed a year extension after getting assurance from the Club president, Joan Laporta.

But the extension was signed by reducing the fee to half. Where Rakuten is paying €30 million, and Beko is paying only €10 million.

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