How Much Bayern Munich Earns In Champions League | Club Will Make Revenue Of €46.2m From TV Market & 10 Years Coefficient Rankings

32 teams that qualified in the champions league have an equal chance to earn a maximum amount of €85 Million in prize money. On top of that, TV pool money, and Coefficient-based payments will be awarded separately.

Bayern Munich Champions League Earnings will depend on how far the team reaches In the tournament. The 2020 Champions League winner is the favorite to win the title. The club reaches the UEFA champions league round of 16.

If Bayern wins, How much will the club generate in revenue? To find the answers let’s see Bayern Munich Champions League Earnings breakdown.

Bayern Munich Champions League Earnings

With a perfect start in group stage matches, Bayern stood tall above all. So far from group stage matches and performance-based fees, The club has already generated €32 million. (€16.2 million from 6 wins + €15.8 million bonus). Bayern Munich Champions League Earnings for 2021-22 competition based on match fees, group victories, base fees, TV Pool Money, and 10 Years Coefficient ranking are reported.

Winning the Champions League 2022 | If Bayern wins the league again, Their financial distribution will be as:

  • Reaching the group stage: €15.8 million
  • In the groups:€2.7m per win and €900K per draw. Bayern had 6 wins that will earn the club €16.2 million
  • Reaching the round of 16: €9.5m
  • Into the quarter-finals: €10.5m
  • Reaching the semi-finals: €12m
  • Reaching the final: €15m
  • Winning the Champions League: €4m euros + 3.5m euros for reaching the UEFA Super Cup.

So if Bayern wins, it will earn €85.1 million for having the perfect record in the league. However, this is only the champions league prize money, it excludes the TV Market Pool and 10 Years Coefficient bonus.

TV Market Pool | Bayern Munich doesn’t have much share in TV rights pool money. The estimated money Club will get from the tv market pool is €12 million. Complete details will follow up at the end of the competition.

Coefficient-based Ranking | UEFA distributes €600.6 million among 32 qualified clubs. The highest-ranked team gets €36.38 million. Currently, Bayern Munich stands on top in the UEFA Coefficient-based Ranking. Club will earn €34.2million this season after the covid deduction rule.

Bayern Munich Total Earnings | Bayern’s total earnings at the end of the campaign if they win will be €131.88 million including the TV Market Pool, UEFA Super Cup Qualification, and 10 Years Coefficient bonus.

Summary of Club’s Earnings throughout league

Reaching the group stage€15.8m
Through the group Stage€16.2m
Reaching the final€15m
Winning the Final€4m
Reaching UEFA Super Cup€3.5m
Finished as Runner-up€15.5m
Ended as Semi-Finalist€12.5m
TV Market Pool Money€12 m
10 Year Coefficient Money€34.2m

Finished as Runner-Up in UCL 2022 | Bayern Munich is showing no sign to lose. They beat Barcelona twice in the group stage and ended their UCL run. If Bayern reaches the final and somehow can not manage to win the final match, the earnings impact will not be much different. The club still generates funds of €124.3m including all tv money, group victories, and 10 Years Coefficient bonus.

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