Best Sports Insurance Companies | How Much They Pay for Insurance Premium?

Best Sports Insurance Companies

From facing fiery balls in cricket to bearing immensely powerful punches in wrestling or MMA matches, there is a lot of risk involved. Players may get injured or the grounds’ condition get worn out. Some players like rookies can’t afford the expense of medical treatments. That’s why, different brands and companies provide compensatory money to the players when they sign contracts with them. Here are the complete details about the top 10 best sports insurance companies in the world which are associated with different sports.

Top 10 Best Sports Insurance Companies In The World

1 – Allianz

One of the most popular sports insurance company Allianz, headquartered in Germany and founded by Carl Von Thieme. Allianza sign the deals with players and teams and provide them with compensations when a team is on the verge of getting default. Moreover, the players who also not able to earn much from their contracts salary, also receives money from them as per their agreement. The net worth of Allianz is estimated around $95.15 billion. While they are making $144 million in a single year.

2 – MetLife

With 90 millions customers in more than 60 countries across the globe, MetLife is among the largest providers of insurance. They are best famous for signing contacts with famous football clubs and renowned athletes. As per their market capitalization, the net worth of company’s share is currently valued $57 Billions. While the annual revenue faced decline in the last year and company managed to grab $69.89 million from the promotional deals.

3 – Amped

One of the best sports insurance provider Amped is still present in the list. Although, their marketing strategy does not remain good in the last 5 years, still they are among the major contributors towards sports. Players and athletes get fitness revenue as per their deals. Moreover, the analysts recruited by Amped has some serious knowledge of sports and action industries. That’s why, the it is still considered among the best sports insurance companies.

4 – Aviva

Covering the three main nations, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada, Aviva is the leading industry in sports world which is famous for having renowned clients more than 18 million. Started in 2002, Aviva has not only earned fame but also extensive money. They are making the annual revenue of $45.4 million, which is putting a great positive effect on their market value. The total net worth of Aviva has touched the incredible $15.19 billion mark.

5 – Esports Insurance

Esports Insurance comes with new policies as juvenile and kids sports competitions are now in the market. While their main target is footballers and big clubs. Any injured player gets the medical funds and team receives the compensation when face loss in their marketing revenue. Thus, the signed players are motivated to play fearlessly for better outcomes in the field. The current net worth of the company is clicking $33 Billion mark. While the annual revenue details are not revealed.


With the collection of $35 million as their annual revenue, GEICO is now becoming the gretest and one of the best sports insurance companies. Working across the globe, they are providing ludicrous incentives to the signed athletes. GEICO’s marketing team is working at its best to promote the business on global scale for more revenue. The main focus of the industry is towards football and rugby. While they are also covering some other sports aspects. Their net worth is crossing the $32 Billion mark as per the latest reports.

7 – Esurance

Jean-Bernard Duler alongside with his business partners has laid the foundation of another American insurance organization in 1999. It is currently acquired by Alistate and is best known for signing the insurance deals with athletes and franchises of different sports. Esurance net worth is $10 billion. The major chunk of this money comes from the automobiles and other technology sales and in return, they pay incentives to different sports persons as per the signings.

8 – Sadler Sports

Besides the money, Sadler Sports has earned the name for being the largest insurance providers in the history of Basketball. It is one of the oldest organizations and working since 1957. The company is mainly focused on covering sports and has digitalized the system to collect injury data. Sadler is having the current net worth around $25 billion and has the annual revenue of $26.4 million.

9 – Nationwide

Nationwide is also counted among the best sports insurance companies working across the world. More than 25000 employees are working in this company. While the owners are pocketing massive money from the marketing deals with multiple brands. The net worth of Nationwide is thought to be around $41.9 Billion, making it one of the wealthiest industry.

10 – USA Football Youth League Insurance

This company comes with a thorough new thought as its main focal view is to sustain juvenile sports world. They are offering insurance plans to the coaches who are training junior sports athletes like soccer players. Thus, it becomes the biggest youth athletes protection program in America and are providing up to 25% sustain costs.

All these are the details about the 10 best sports insurance companies. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!