Ranking the Biggest Kit Suppliers Deals: Which team has the most expensive kit deal ? and Which Brand is paying the most ?

When Manchester United signed the record breaking 10 year kit suppliers deals with Adidas, it kind of paved the way for future of kit deals. Adidas agreed to pay United £75 million ($101.4m USD) a year which at the time was 130% more then next big kit deal. However since then all top clubs in europe have getting financially improved kit deals with top brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma etc.

We explain what makes a kit suppliers deal and breakdown every expensive kit deal’s contract, financial numbers and any clauses.

Sine United-Adidas deal, some other clubs have either eclipsed United kit deal numbers or atleast matched it on several occassions. But Manchester United signed the deal back in 2014, they are due a new one in couple of years and once they do sign the next deal it will signal the market where it heading.

Before we get into some of the most expensive kit deals and financial numbers behind them lets breakdown what actually makes an kit suppliers deal ?

What Is Kit Suppliers Deals & how it works?

A number of apparel and sports manufacturing companies approach football clubs to supply and design club kits all around the world.

So, to get control over merchandise sales, The kit companies sign contracts & pay yearly to the football clubs. These Kit contracts usually range between 5 to 10 years with an option for renewal. There are several performances related clauses. For example in case of United-Adidas deal, If United fail to finish in top 4 in two consecutive seasons, the yearly payment is decreased by 25%.

Real Madrid’s $148 Million A Year Worth Of New Adidas Deal is The Most Expensive In Football Today.

The Los Blancos are set to continue their partnership with Adidas through 2028 as part of a new sponsorship agreement.

The relation between these two is very old as The German sportswear giant and the Spanish club have been working together since 1998. However their recent contract renewal back in 2020 was a bumper one to say the least. Where Adidas agreed to pay $1.48 billion over 10 years (2020-2030) making it the most lucrative kit deal in football history. 

Biggest Kit Suppliers deals

With $148m per year, Real Madrid owned the title of Biggest kit suppliers deals. Meanwhile, Barcelona stands second with $135.3m and Liverpool and Man United at third with $101.48m per year.

*kit deals are usually singed in the currency of the country clubs belong to. However we converted all the figures in USD ($) to make it easier to rank.

1Real MadridAdidas$148m$1.48bn10 Years (2020-2030)
2BarcelonaNike$135.3m$1.35bn10 Years (2018-2028)
3LiverpoolNike$101.48m$1.01bn10 Years (2020-2030)
4Manchester UnitedAdidas$101.48m $1.01bn10 Years (2015-2025)
5Manchester CityPuma$87.95m$879m10 Years (2018-2028)
6ChelseaNike$81.18m$1.22bn15 Years (2017-2032)
7ArsenalPuma $81.18m$410m5 years (2019-2024)
8JuventusAdidas$62.24m$500m8 Years (2019-2027)
9Atletico MadridNike$61m$610m10 Years (2016-2026)
10Bayern MunichAdidas$57.50m$860m15 Years (2015-2030)
11Tottenham HotspurNike$40.6m$650m16 Years (2017-2033)
12PSGNike$25.71m$230m9 Years (2013-2022)
13AC MilanAdidas$25.71m $257m10 Years (2013-2023)

You can also find details on kit deals league wise on our site. We have covered each and every team’s kit deal numbers of all top 5 European leagues. Premier League clubs combined revenue from Kit deals (Kit Supplier & Sponsorship) deals bring double of what La Liga or Serie A combine revenue from such deals.

Next up we will cover the biggest shirt sponsorship deals in football. Not to be confused with this article. Shirt Sponsorship deals is usual a company who have their logo on a team shirt. In case of Manchester United, TeamViewer is their shirt sponsor. Fly Emirates as Real Madrid shirt sponsor.

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