Ranking The Most Expensive Shirts Sponsorships Deals: Which Team Has The Most Expensive Shirt Deal? And Which Brand Is Paying The Most?

Real Madrid top the list of the Biggest Shirts Sponsorships Deals in world football. Los Blanco’s five-year deal with Emirates is reportedly worth a huge $82.5 million per year. We breakdown 10 of the such deals in football currently active.

Biggest Shirts Sponsorships Deals

Before we get into some of the Biggest Shirts Sponsorships Deals and financial numbers behind them let’s break down what actually makes a Shirts sponsorships deals?

What is Shirts Sponsorships Deals?

Shirt sponsor in football has been around for decades however over the last 2 years, brands are willing to pay top dollar to appear on big clubs shirts. According to KPMG, Vodafone had a massive success when they were principle shirt sponsors for United back in their glory days. It helped Vodafone reach level of brand awareness which was unheard of before.

A shirt sponsorship deal is different then Kit Suppliers deal as club and brand are only involved in placing brands logo on the shirt all home/away and third kits. In recent years training kits have had different sponsors.

In a typical shirt sponsorship contract there is a base fee which brand is suppose to pay to club yearly as guaranteed payment. Plus they have performances related clauses for example with United-TeamViewer deal United can not finish outside top four positions in the league otherwise there will be penalty of 10% less then usual yearly fee. However if United wins the league or Champions League teamviewer is suppose to pay 10% more then the usual rate.

Real Madrid’s $82.5 Million A Year Worth Of Emirates Shirt Sponsership Deal is The Most Expensive In Football Today

Real Madrid’s deal with Emirates is the most expensive in world football today with Emirates paying a reported $82.5 million a year to Real Madrid. However the current deal runs out in 2022 and Emirates are reluctant to renew. Real Madrid are already in talks with several brands for their next shirt sponsorship deal.

Los Blancos saw a rise of 55% from five years ago. Their income value includes Football’s most lucrative shirt deal $82.5 million per year.

Biggest Shirts Sponsorships Deals

When Manchester United signed shirt deal with Chevrolet back in 2015 it was the most expensive kit deal in history of football and it set the standard for other clubs to follow the trend. United-Chevrolet deal expired at the end of 2021 season and in came TeamViewer who are paying $64.9 million a year in a 5 year deal worth $325. Other big deals include Barcelona’s Rakuten and PSG’s Accor.

Below is the breakdown of all current shirt deals ranked according to yearly payments.

RankTeamShirt SponsorPer YearTotal ValueLength of Contract (yrs)
1Real MadridEmirates$82.5m$413m5 (2017-2022)
2Machester UnitedTeamViewer$64.9m$325m5 (2021-2026)
3BarcelonaRakuten$64.8m$324m5 (2017-2018)
4Paris Saint-GermainAccor$57.0m$171m3 (2019-2022)
5ArsenalEmirates$56.0m$280m5 (2019-2024)
6LiverpoolStandard Chartered$55.3m$221m4 (2019-2023
7ChelseaThree$55.2m$166m3 (2021-2024)
8JuventusJeep (FCA)$53.1m$159m3 (2020-2023)
9TottenhamAIA$50.0m$400m8 (2019-2027)
10Bayern MunichDeutsche Telekom$35.4m$283m8 (2015-2023)

Behind Real is Tottenham Hotspur in terms of Financial revenue. They will generate the US $400m through their deal.

The deal was signed with Hong Kong multinational insurance and financial corporation AIA. The deal is worth $50 million per year until the end of the 2026/27 season.

Manchester United recently signed a new shirt sponsorship deal with German software company TeamViewer. The new deal is worth $65m per year, to a total of $325m over the five-year contract.

Barcelona‘s shirt sponsorship deal with Internet company Rakuten is worth $65 million per year, meaning a total of $324m over five years. However, due to the champions league’s exists, they earn $30m this season.

The Bundesliga giants’ sponsorship deal with Deutsche Telekom is worth $283 million and expires in the 2022/23 season.

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FAQs Regarding Shirts Deals

How much Barcelona is earning from Shirts sponsorship deal?

Barcelona was earning $62.5m. However, due to cover and champions league exists, they earn $30m this season.

Who is the shirt sponsor for Liverpool?

Standard Chattered.

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