Boxing Referees Salaries | How Much They Will Earn Per Match In Main PPV Event

Boxing Referees Salaries

Having a job of referee is the toughest of all as he has to make decisions with keen insights to end the match with fair results. That’s why they are the most important part of the game. A poor decision can turn the match results and cost the referee’s fame. How much these officials earn? Research revealed the boxing referees salaries as they have to do a hard job by looking at each move of the boxer.

CategoriesFee/MatchFee/Main Event MatchYearly Salary

Referees are the most vigilant persons during the match. They notice the each move of the boxer and make such decisions that lead the match to a fair ending. But, there pays are not according to their struggle and work. Yet, there importance can never be compromised in a boxing game.

Boxing Referees Salaries Breakdown

Rookies | These youngsters are going to make their debut in the boxing as a referee. They don’t hold the contracts and make per match earnings of $350. They begin their career from a low amount but as they get the experience of one or two years and show good performances, they sign the contracts and become a part of WBA, WBC, and WBO.

Females | Female referees are also important part of boxing matches and their worth increases in the women matches. In the previous few years, they salaries increased to some extent. However, the fact is they are paid lower than the men due to the factor of gender pay gap. They get the contracts and per match fee of $600 with an annual salary of $12,000.

Professionals | Professionals earn the highest salary as they have a lot of experience and also get the contracts of maximum worth. Moreover, sponsorship deals and TV shares revenue also make an increment in their earnings. They pocket $1,900 as per match fee while the annual salary reaches up to $30,000.

But if a professional official enter a main PPV fight, the per match fee may reaches up to $25,000 that includes PPV share bonuses, TV loop market value and broadcasting shares, sponsorship deals, merchandise sales revenue, accommodation and travel fee. In this way, the professional referees become the highest paid among boxing referees.

Boxing Referees Salaries

Highest Paid Referees In Boxing

CategoriesFee/MatchFee/Main Event MatchYearly Salary
Kenny Bayless$2,500$25,000$500,000
Michael Alexander$2,500$25,000$500,000
Jack Reiss$2,500$25,000$500,000
Daniel Van de Wiele$2,500$25,000$500,000
Stanley Christodoulou$2,500$25,000$500,000
Russell Mora$2,500$25,000$500,000
Jay Nady$1,900$10,000$150,000
Paul Rosendale$1,900$10,000$150,000
Geoff Cannell$1,900$10,000$150,000
Rodolfo Aguilar$1,500$7,500$60,000
Kevin Hope$1,500$7,500$60,000
Vic de Wysocki$1,500$7,500$60,000
Ron Kearney$1,500$7,500$60,000

That’s all about the earning details of boxing referees along with their per match fees in the main tournaments. If there are any further details available, we will update them on the site as boxing schedule 2022 announced.

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