Boxing Ring Announcers Salaries | Michael Buffer Holds The Most Expensive Contract

Ring announcers have the responsibility to announce the card and invite the boxers in the ring. What are the salaries of these boxing ring announcers and bonuses available to them. Here we have a complete detail list about these figures.

Boxing Ring Announcers Salaries

Besides wrestling and MMA fighting, Boxing also has a great influence over the people who love fighting sports. WBA, WBC and many other boxing organizations played a wonderful role to improve the standard of this sport. Moreover, several promotions are also there that provide the boxers with good payouts and also offer handsome income to staff.

Boxing Ring Announcers Salaries

Ring announcers payouts depend upon various factors. One of the most influential factor which decides the payouts is experience. An experienced announcer earns more than the beginner as he gets the chance to participate in the big PPV fights and also receives bonuses.

Professional Announcers

The professional announcers receive contracts and bonuses from different promotions. The payouts of these announcers depend upon the performances and experience. The professional earn through the following ways.

Contract Salary | The professionals receive the contract of greater worth that makes them earn a solid match fee. Generally, an experienced announcer pockets $3,000 as his match fee for becoming a part of normal boxing match.

PPV Fights | Besides the normal fights, the professional announcers also get the chances to become a part of big fights. Thus, they receive extra money in terms of PPV bonus. Michael Buffer, the famous ring announcer earn between $25k to $75k in a PPV fight.

Sponsorships | There are many sponsorships available for the professional announcers that make a solid increment in the total earnings of them.


The beginners don’t get the contracts with promotions until they get the experience of one or more year. They receive ordinary match fees for becoming a part of general boxing matches. The normal per match fee of the beginners are $2,000.

CategoriesFee/MatchFee/Main PPV FightAnnual Income

Highest Paid Boxing Ring Announcers In 2022

Here are the highest paid boxing ring announcers in 2022 who are currently earning their maximum purses according to their contract deals.

Michael Buffer

Buffer earns maximum for his famous phrase Ready To Rumble. He is currently the highest paid ring announcer of the boxing world and is also having contract with UFC. He earns $100k for becoming a part of main PPV fight. Including all the sponsorships and bonuses, his annual income crossed $1 Million.

Bob Alexander

Bob is another famous name of the boxing world who appeared for various major networks including Showtime, ESPN, and Fox Sports Net. He has announced dozens of fights and is now at the 2nd spot in the list earning $750k annually.

David Diamante

David Diamante, professional ring announcer from America is having contract with DAZN. He is famous for the nickname The Voice of Boxing, coined by BBC Sports. Diamante is currently earning a match fee of $3,000 while for the main PPV fights, he earns $50k as a match fee.

AnnouncersFee/MatchFee/Main PPV FightAnnual Income
Michael Buffer$5,000$100,000$1 Million
Bob Alexander$3,500$70,000$750,000
David Diamante$3,000$50,000$500,000
Jimmy Lennon Jr$3,000$50,000$500,000
Ricky Wright$2,500$30,000$350,000
Barrie Eget$1,500$10,000$200,000
Setrha Ejdaharian$1,500$10,000$200,000

That’s all about the salaries and bonuses details of the boxing ring announcers. Their payouts are almost similar to those of UFC ring announcers. Further updates will be available here if there is any change in the details occur.