Bundesliga Prize Money Break down According To New TV Rights Deals

Bundesliga Prize Money finally saw an increase after 4 years. Bundesliga stands tall Among the top European leagues, after its new TV right deal. The league now officially adopted a new revenue model. The initial tagline of this model is to recover from the financial setback caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The new Tv rights deal with DAZN and Sky Deutschland will make them earn €1.16 billion per year.

German Bundelsiga Prize Money Break down
  • The Prize money for 2022 season is €1.16 billion.
  • The 70% from the total will be distributed among 18 teams every ear.
  • 30% remaining revenue will be distriuted on leagues positions standing.
  • Due to covid, The prize money share will see a change as season come.
  • Total 4 year deal worth  €4.64 billion.
  • Out of that, 53% will be equally divided among all the german clubs from 2022-2023 season
  • 23-24 to 24-25 will witness a drop in share to 50 per cent.

Take a look at the Bundesliga prize money table to get a detailed idea:

Duration2021 to 2025
Domestic TV Rights€4.64 billion
International TV Rights€1 billion from international TV rights deal
% increase from last 4-year dealThere is an 85% increase in the domestic tv rights money after €4.64 billion compared to the previous deal worth €2.51 billion.
Yearly distribution€1.4 billion TV revenue is distributed to 18 German clubs per year.
Distribution model70 percent of domestic tv rights revenue is distributed based on club performance in the last five seasons.

The Bundesliga prize money for the 2021-2022 season has seen the hike after the Previous four-year TV rights deal was ended before the beginning of the 2021 season. The previous deal was worth €2.51 billion including domestic and overseas tv rights.

However, The new TV Rights deal will earn Bundesliga around €4.64 billion just from its domestic TV rights deal. Compare to Spanish Laliga Prize money, it still falls short

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