German Bundesliga Sponsorship Deals | How Much Bundesliga Generate Revenue Each Year?

Bundesliga Sponsorship Deals

Although German Bundesliga is far behind the level of other association footballs like Premier League and La Liga. However, the quality of competitions and TV broadcast deals has gathered an immense fan base and millions of people are following it across the globe. Moreover, endorsements from widely known brands have put a lot of money in the league. Here are the complete details about the German Bundesliga sponsorship deals.

Bundesliga Sponsorship Deals

The last 10 years considered as the golden period for German top tier league and enough revenue generated in this era. Moreover, there is a huge rise in the followers worldwide which attracts brands and companies to capture the market. On average, German Bundesliga earns $65 million from the sponsorship deals per year or season. Below are the major brands which contribute in this total.

EA Sports: Unrevealed

EA Partnership One Esports

The video games industry is holding the match simulation licensing rights deal with German Bundesliga. The players and clubs will be the part of upcoming EA Sports games in the multi-year deal. However, details about the annual worth are not known while the unofficial figures estimated are $20 million per season.

AWS: Unrevealed

Amazon Web Services, most commonly referred as AWS is the official insight partner for German top tier league. AWS with its exceptional technology and machine learning system, will unlock more than 3.6 million data points per match.

Topps: $1 Million

Bundesliga has signed their first ever NFT deal with one of the leading non-fungible token brand Topps. The deal is based on releasing an exclusive collection of NFT trading cards. Moreover, official stickers are also the part of this contract having annual worth of $1 million.

DerbyStar: $4 Million

Bundesliga has renewed its deal with sports manufacturing industry DerbyStar which will provide the balls until 2026 season. DerbyStar has replaced Adidas in the ball sposnorship deals of Bundesliga in 2017. The renewed deal will bring $4 million per season to the league.

Milka: Unrevealed

One of the biggest chocolate and candies brand Milka is the official marketing sponsor of Bundesliga and will use players images in their marketing posters. There are no details revealed about the contract’s worth. However, figures estimated by analysts are $8.9 million per season.

German Bundesliga Sponsorship Deals 2023

SponsorshipsSpecialityAnnual Worth
EA SportsLicensing Rights OwnerUnrevealed (Estimated: $20 million)
MilkaMarketing SponsorUnrevealed (Estimated: $8.9 million)
DerbyStarBalls Sponsor$4 million
AWSInsights PartnerUnrevealed
ToppsNFT Partner$1 million

All these are the details about the German Bundesliga sponsorship deals. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!