Austin FC players Salaries | Contracts | Sebastián Driussi Become Highest Paid Player In Team With $2.7m Contract Deal

Austin FC Players Salaries

The season start Austin FC looking in 2021, not according to their expectations. Team suffer 21 defeats in the Western Conference, finished at 12th place in the conference. In overall table they finished ahead of Houston Dynamo FC, Toronto FC and FC Cincinnati with maximum 1-2 points difference. Josh Wolff looking for possible changes before 2022 MLS season kickoff. Austin FC players salaries reported.

Highest Paid Players In Squad | Cecilio Domínguez, Sebastián Driussi and Alexander Ring best paid played in the squad, all three of them were selected in the designated players category and offered contracts worth more than $3.5m for the 2022 season.

Designated Offered Contracts| Dirussi, Domínguez, Ring currently these three players reported to be part of designated offered contracts by the Austin FC for 2021 and 2022 season. No changes yet announced designated players category by the club announced yet for 2022, if new player joined on designated deal details provided here later.

PlayerGuaranteed PurseBase SalaryPositionContract
Brad Stuver $160k$150kGK2022
Andrew Tarbell$283k$275kGK2022
Will Pulisic$63k$63kGK2022
Damian Las$61k$61kGK2023
Jhohan Romaña $420k$420kDEF2022
Julio Cascante$317k$290kDEF2022
Ruben Gabrielsen$100k$81kDEF2023
Freddy Kleemann $63k$63kDEF 2022
Kipp Keller$61k$61kDEF2022
Zan Kolmanic$225k$225kDEF2024
Héctor Jiménez$100k$81kDEF2022
Charlie Asensio$61k$61kDEF2022
Nick Lima $350k$350kMID2022
Alexander Ring $1.09m$1.0mMID2023
Jhojan Valencia$100k$81kMID2024
Felipe Martins$150k$150kMID2022
Owen Wolff$76k$63kMID2025
Daniel Pereira$81k$81kMID2022
Sebastián Driussi$2.7m$2.3mFW2022
Cecilio Domínguez $1.73m$1.53mFW2024
Diego Fagúndez$400k$400kFW2022
Jared Stroud$81k$81kFW2022
Rodney Redes$385k$385kFW2022
Ethan Finlay$450k$450kFW2023
Jon Gallagher$81k$81kFW2022
Maximiliano Urruti$1.13m$1.27mFW2023
Moussa Djitté$500k$500kFW2024
Danny Hoesen$716k$650kFW2022

Club Wage Bill | Since club offered player contracts based on Generation Adidas, Homegrown and U22 International transfer MLS rule contracts to players, the club wage bill hike from $12m to $14m a season in 2022 and $16m expected budget adjustment for 2023.

The above information is based on the Austin FC Players players salaries, contracts, extensions updated once the new season dates are announced and the transfer time period ended.

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