CF Montreal Players Salaries | Contracts | Victor Wanyama Retain Highest Paid Place In the Squad With Contract Worth $3m A Season

CF Montreal Players Salaries

Club de Foot Montréal playing their 28th season of football in US and 10th in MLS league. Wilfried Nancy made couple of changes to his team squad before the season 2021 kickoff. Things did not go well since the start of 2021, season and club finished at 10th place in conference and finished at 18th place in MLS points table. Club start looking for more options in next season. CF Montreal players salaries reported for the season.

Highest Paid Footballer In Squad | Victor Wanyama and Björn Johnsen are the two players who holds the most expensive contract in the team worth of $3m. Wanyama after leaving the Sprus, joined the team of CF Montreal on expensive deal which makes him top paid African player in MLS league.

Designated Contract| Victor Wanyama the only player who got offered contract in the designated category by the team of CF Montreal, more players might offered contract in year 2022.

Homegrown Players| Karifa Yao ,Mathieu Choinière, Keesean Ferdinand ,Tomas Giraldo, Jean-Aniel Assi and Nathan-Dylan Saliba players who got offered contracts in Homegrown category, more players likely to be part of the this category in 2022.

PlayerGuaranteed PayBase SalaryPositionContract
James Pantemis$145k$130kGK2022
Sebastian Breza$63k$63kGK2022
Jonathan Sirois$71k$66kGK2022
Kamal Miller$85k$85kDEF2022
Gabriele Corbo81k81kDEF2022
Rudy Camacho (Int. MLS)$851k$800kDEF2023
Joel Waterman$90k$81kDEF2022
Karifa Yao$85k$81kDEF2022
Róbert Orri Thorkelsson61k61kDEF2023
Zorhan Bassong$93k$81kDEF2022
Alistair Johnston$73k$73kDEF2023
Zachary Brault-Guillard$203k$170kDEF2022
Keesean Ferdinand$73k$63kDEF2022
Victor Wanyama (designated)$3.0m$2.4mDEF2022
Samuel Piette$454k$425kDEF2022
Rida Zouhir$71k$63kMID2022
Ismaël Koné$66k$63kMID2022
Nathan-Dylan Saliba$73k$63kMID2022
Mathieu Choinière$114k$105kMID2022
Djordje Mihailovic$651k$600kMID2023
Ahmed Hamdi$497k$400kMID2023
Sean Rea$71k$63kMID2022
Romell Quioto$885k$800kFW2022
Matko Miljevic$593k$545kFW2024
Lassi Lappalainen$383k$383kFW2024
Joaquín Torres$249k$200kFW2022
Jean-Aniel Assi$71k$63kFW2022
Ivy Brisma61k61kFW2022
Mason Toye$233k$175kFW2024
Sunusi Ibrahim$291k$200kFW2023
Björn Johnsen$1.0m$900kFW2022

Club Wage Bill Record | Since the club signed new players to the squad from the International MLS slots, designated, and homegrown category the wage bill hike from $12m to $15m in year 2021-22. This hike won’t stop until 2023, since homegrown players offered contract for the regular season.

Note | No information yet released about complete MLS players payouts and CF Montreal players salaries, but some players remain same and new year contract gets in-term. Once official data of the MLS rosters payouts reported for 2022, complete data of players salaries reported here.

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