Charlotte FC Players Salaries | Club Wage Bill Recorded $10m | Karol Swiderski Become Highest Paid Roster In Squad

Charlotte FC Players Salaries

The 28th franchise of MLS league confirmed, Charlotte FC will play their first edition of Major League Soccer in 2022. Club is based in Charlotte, United States. It’s confirmed that team will compete in the Eastern Conference. Complete Charlotte FC players salaries for 2022 reported.

Highest Paid Player in Squad | Jordy Alcívar and Karol Świderski the two players who got selected in the designated players contract terms will earn most money. However before these two, Yordy Reyna and Alan Franco hold expensive contract worth more $1.5m a year. Karol Świderski, who left the Greek club joined newly enter club to league (Charlotte FC). The new contract end’s after 2025 which worth of $5m.

Designated Players | Świderski and Alcívar the two newly joined players hold the designated player contract, there will be more players included to the batch of designated. Who will be the third player to join the club in 2022, details will be confirmed later.

PlayerGuaranteed PayoutsBase SalaryPositionContract
Kristijan Kahlina$150k$81kGK2024
Pablo Sisniega$150k$150kGK 2022
Adrián Zendejas$90k$81kGK2023
George Marks$81k$81kGK2022
Christian Makoun$175k$175kDEF 2022
Anton Walkes$275k$250kDEF2024
Guzmán Corujo$146k$120kDEF2024
Jan Sobocinski$146k$120kDEF2023
Joseph Mora$198k$184kDEF2023
Christian Fuchs$235k$81kDEF 2022
Adam Armour$63k$63kDEF2023
Jaylin Lindsey $94k$91kDEF 2022
Harrison Afful$365k$335kDEF2022
Jordy Alcívar$750k$500kDEF2025
Chris Hegardt$61k$61kDEF2023
Alan Franco$505k$378kMID2022
Sergio Ruiz$363k$300kMID 2022
Brandt Bronico $90k$81kMID2022
Ben Bender$61k $61k MID 2022
Cristian Ortíz$175k$100kFW2022
Orrin McKinze Gaines$150k$81kFW2022
Karol Swiderski$875k$500kFW2025
Yordy Reyna $774k$711kFW2023
Kyle Holcomb$81k$81kFW 2022
Vinicius Mello$61k $61k FW 2022

Club Wage Bill Record | Since club did not approach more big players and have 1 player option sign in Designated category in the upcoming season, the club wage bill which is record $7m will increased $10m after offering contract payouts to each player in the squad.

The upcoming, MLS 2022, season dates confirmed, Charlotte FC players salaries will be updated once new player in Generation adidas, designated and youth contracts got signed.

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