Chicago Fire Players Salaries | Guaranteed Payouts | Club Wage Bill Record $13.5m | How Much Designated Players Earn U-25

Chicago Fire Players Salaries

It’s the 26th season for the Chicago Fire FC in Major League Soccer. The club hopeful to win the league but things did not work according to the plan. Only manage to win 9 league games while suffered 18 defeats that brought them to 12th position in eastern conference. The club bring new manager (Frank Klopas) on interim job after Raphaël Wicky removed from the position. Chicago Fire players salaries reported 2021.

Highest Paid Player in Squad | Gastón Giménez, Kacper Przybylko two highest paid players in the squad earn money over to $500k. Gimenez become the highest paid player in the MLS league 2021 season, with annual guaranteed compensation upto $2.5m a year.

Designated Players | Ignacio Aliseda, Robert Berić, Gastón Giménez listed as designated players. If the player joined the season in the mid of the season, he will make ($350,000) reported in 2012. Designated player selected by the club is U-25 will make maximum ($200k) from guaranteed compensation). Chicago Fire players salaries impact when the team signed U20 players in designated category.

Homegrown Players Payouts | No limit has been adjusted for signing up homegrown players, these players have opportunity to occupies the slot of senior players or supplemental. The minimum salary adjusted for the homegrown players is maximum $61k but it can increase upto $81k based on performances.

PlayerGuaranteed PayoutsBase SalaryPositionContract
Gabriel Slonina$104k$100kGK2022
Spencer Richey$81k$81kGK2023
Chris Brady$68k$66kGK2023
Rafael Czichos$100k$125kDEF2024
Mauricio Pineda$198k$175kDEF2023
Wyatt Omsberg$85k$85kDEF2022
Carlos Terán$205k$150kDEF2024
Carlo Ritaccio$100k$105kDEF 2022
Yanis Leerman$105k$108kDEF 2022
Kendall Burks$81k $81k DEF 2022
Miguel Ángel Navarro$197k$150kDEF2024
Jonathan Bornstein$323k$300kDEF 2022
Andre Reynolds$89k$81kDEF 2022
Charlie Ostrem$81k $81k DEF2022
Boris Sekulic$643k$571kDEF2022
Jhon Espinoza$188k$162kDEF2023
Federico Navarro$257k$180kDEF2025
Gastón Giménez$2.3m$2.0mDEF2023
Allan Rodriguez$68k$66kDEF2023
Javier Casas$68k$66kMID2023
Brian Gutiérrez$68k$66kMID2023
Sergio Oregel$251k$230kMID2025
Fabian Herbers$251k$230kFW2023
Stanislav Ivanov$334k$275kFW2023
Alex Monis$68k$66kFW2023
Kacper Przybylko$916k$825kFW2025
Jhon Durán$61k $61k FW2022
Chinonso Offor $181k$132kFW2022
Missael Rodríguez$61k $61k FW2025
Victor Bezerra$81.5k $81.5k FW2024

Club Wage Bill Record| Official club wage bill record reported $13.5m for 2021 based on guaranteed compensation. But this payouts data won’t stop here, in 2022 more players salaries will be increased which bring the Wage bill of Chicago FC to $16m to $18m in 2022 and 2023.

Currently, the above salaries are listed for MLS players salaries 2021, once the official data and transfers confirmed for MLS league 2022 season, details will be updated about (Chicago Fire FC players salaries).

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