Columbus Crew Players Salaries | Contracts | Lucas Zelarayán & Darlington Nagbe Hold Top Expensive Contracts With The Club

Caleb Porter who holds the manager job at Colmbus Crew looking for new players in the 2022 season. The club finished at 9th in the conference league and overall stand at 24th place ahead of CF Montréal and Los Angeles FC in the points table. Columbus Crew players salaries reported for the season.

Highest Paid Footballer in Team | Lucas Zelarayán, Pedro Santos, Darlington Nagbe, and Gyasi Zardes four of them hold most expensive contract in the team worth of $5m. These players selected in two categories designated and

Designated Players | The two most popular salaries from the Colmbus Crew reported is for Lucas Zelarayán and Darlington Nagbe who got selected in the designated players contract list. Both of them earn guaranteed payout upto $3.75m from their contract including bonuses. Pedro Santos, 32 year old also got selected in the designated players list.

PlayerGuaranteed PayoutsBase SalaryPositionContract
Eloy Room $479k$425kGK2023
Evan Bush $438k$376kGK2022
Brady Scott $121k$115kGK2022
Patrick Schulte$75k$61kGK 2022
Milos Degenek$175k$100kDEF2023
Jonathan Mensah$1.14m$1mDEF 2022
Josh Williams$302k$300kDEF2022
Jalil Anibaba$200k$200kDEF2022
Philip Quinton$81k $81k DEF 2022
Jacob Erlandson $81k $81k DEF 2022
Jake Morris$81k $81k DEF2023
Steven Moreira$432k$350kDEF2022
Artur$531k$480kDEF 2022
Perry Kitchen$301k$275kDEF 2022
Darlington Nagbe$1.71m$1.71mMID 2022
Aidan Morris$147k$145kMID 2022
James Igbekeme$100k$81kMID2022
Isaiah Parente$67k$63kMID 2022
Sean Zawadzki$81k $81k MID2023
Luis Díaz$383k$350kMID2022
Lucas Zelarayán$1.98$1.62MID2024
Alexandru Matan$408k$375kMID 2022
Derrick Etienne Jr$125k$125kFW2022
Yaw Yeboah$100k$81kFW2024
Pedro Santos$864k$817kFW2022
Kevin Molino$667k$667kFW 2022
Marlon Hairston$81k$81kFW2022
Will Sands$61k$50kFW2023
Gyasi Zardes$1.40m$1.35mFW2022
Miguel Berry$85k$85kFW2022
Erik Hurtado$245k$218kFW2022

Club Wage Bill Record | Since club made new changes to it’s squad, new players included to homegrown and MLS international slots the players wage budget recorded $14m for the season.

Above information based on the Columbus Crew players salaries, contracts and payouts will be updated once the new players included to the squad before 2022 season kickoff. The given data based on 2021, players salaries reported by MLS and Media Outlets of US.

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