FC Cincinnati Players Salaries | Luciano Acosta Hold Contract Deal Worth $2.2m List Highest Paid In The Team

It’s the third season of the team in MLS but things did not working accurate. The team of FC Cincinnati, hopeful to have a great season 2021. Club finished at 14th place behind Toronto FC. Team could not build-up chemistry during the September 2021, lost back to back 12 games until the season is over. After signing new players to the squad, FC Cincinnati players salaries budget increased to $15,m including bonuses.

Highest Paid Player in Squad | Luciano Acosta and Brenner the two players who are signed by the club during the transfer window become the highest paid in the squad. According to reports both players earn base salary $1.5m. Acosta listed among the best paid in MLS 2021 season.

Designated Players | Allan Cruz, Luciano Acosta and Brenner hold the designated player contracts with team. Their contract deal worth of $5.1m including bonuses clause in the contract term.

Homegrown Players Contracts | Arquimides Ordonez, Zico Bailey, Beckham Sunderland the three players adjusted with the homegrown contracts. Club paying contract payouts worth $61k to $70k to these players for the following season.

PlayerGuaranteed PayoutsBase SalaryPositionContract
Kenneth Vermeer$104k$81kGK2022
Alec Kann$115k$115kGK2022
Beckham Sunderland$67k$63kGK 2022
Roman Celentano$81k $81k GK 2022
Gustavo Vallecilla$284k$252kDEF2024
Nick Hagglund$184k$175kDEF2023
Ian Murphy$61k $61k DEF 2022
Ronald Matarrita$756k$700kDEF 2022
Tyler Blackett$398k$398kDEF2022
John Nelson$123k$115kDEF2022
Alvas Powell$88k$81kDEF2022
Zico Bailey$66k$66kDEF2022
Raymon Gaddis$100k$81kDEF2023
Geoff Cameron$389k$336kDEF2022
Allan Cruz$1.13m$1.20mDEF 2022
Haris Medunjanin$625k$570kMID2022
Luciano Acosta$2.22m$1.94mMID2023
Calvin Harris$96k$81kMID 2022
Isaac Atanga$273k$259kFW2023
Álvaro Barreal$81k $81k FW 2022
Ben Mines $81k $81k FW2022
Yuya Kubo$1.20m$1.91mFW2022
Dominique Badji$306k$300kFW2022
Brandon Vázquez$279k$250kFW 2022
Arquímides Ordóñez$67k$63kFW2023
Nick Markanich$125k$81kFW2022

Club Wage Bill Record | Top players offered contracts worth $9m in two categories (designated players and MLS international slots) which increase the club overall wage Bill from $10m to $16m a season that include bonuses. Yuya Kubo hold contract deal worth $1m in International MLS slot.

Currently, the above rosters salaries are listed of the previous season 2021, once the official data and transfers confirmed for MLS league 2022 season, details will be updated about (FC Cincinnati players salaries).

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