FC Dallas Players Salaries | Contracts | Franco Jara Highest Paid Player In Squad With Contract Worth $3m A Season

FC Dallas Players Salaries

Football Club Dallas, fans hopeful to see their team winning the conference title in 2021. Since the club brought new faces to the squad. Things did not work for the FC Dallas, they finished at 11th place in the conference and 23rd on the MLS points table. Nico Estévez hold the managers head coach job for the new season and looking forward to bring new players in the season. FC Dallas players salaries for upcoming season updated.

Highest-Paid Players | Alan Velasco, Franco Jara and Paul Arriola three players who got expensive contracts in the squad of FC Dallas, since Velasco joined in 2022 no salary details reported, while Jara and Arriola makes $5m combined a season .

Designated Players | Franco Jara, Alan Velasco and Jesús Ferreira three of them joined the list of designated players hold deal worth of $6.5m with club. In 2022, the club made move for Alan Velasco and signed on him top contract deal he may earn $1.2m to $850k a season.

Homegrown Contracts Offered | Eddie Munjoma, Edwin Cerrillo, Beni Redžić, Brandon Servania, and Jesús Ferreira are currently listed among the players who earned contracts in the homegrown category, more players might be part of this category in 2022.

PlayerGuaranteed PurseBase SalaryPositionContract
Maarten Paes$81k$81kGK2022
Jimmy Maurer$267k$250kGK2023
Alec Smir$81k$81kGK2022
José Antonio Martínez $673k$600kDEF2023
Matt Hedges $850k$850kDEF2022
Nkosi Tafari $66k$66kDEF2024
Lucas Bartlett$100k$81kDEF2022
Marco Farfán$190k$190kDEF2022
Eddie Munjoma $66k$66kDEF2022
Ema Twumasi $246k$200kDEF2024
Collin Smith $66k$63kDEF2023
Facundo Quignón $840k$786kDEF2023
Edwin Cerrillo $110k$95kDEF2022
Brandon Servania $271k$230kMID2022
Nicky Hernandez$81k$81kMID2022
Jesús Ferreira$550k$550kMID2025
Paxton Pomykal $600k$600kMID2023
Alan Velasco (designated)$1.2m (estimated)$850kFW2025
Szabolcs Schön$341k$300kFW2023
Kalil ElMedkhar $63k$63kFW2022
Beni Redžić $71k$63kFW2022
Isaiah Parker$61k$61kFW2022
Paul Arriola (designated) $1.05m$1.0mFW2025
Jáder Obrian$100k$81kFW2023
Franco Jara (designated) $2.97m$2.29mFW2022

Club Wage Bill | New players signed by the club in 2022, the wage bill which is reported $11m in year 2021 now rise to $15m a season in 2022 and it may increase to $18m until 2023 season if the clubs keep growing it’s squad numbers.

The above information based on the FC Dallas players salaries, contracts, and payouts reported based on 2021 contracts mostly some players contracts updated for 2022 while some details updated once the official payout data released.

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