Inter Miami CF Players Salaries | Contracts | Gonzalo Higuaín Become Highest Paid Player For Another Season On Designated Contract

Inter Miami Players Salaries

Inter Miami looking for possible changes to it’s squad. There are rumors that club will bring Lionel Messi once his season at PSG over after 2 years term. David Beckham the owner and president of the team looking forward to win matches rather than bringing stars to the squad. Inter Miami players salaries budget increased after previous season.

Highest Paid Footballer in Team | Gonzalo Higuaín, Rodolfo Pizarro two players hold the most expensive contract in the MLS team of Inter Miami. Higuaín signed the deal worth $5m based on guaranteed money at the end of the season.

Designated Players | Rodolfo Pizarro still part of the Inter Miami team but on loan deal move to Monterrey. If he will play for the club, he will earn $3.3m guaranteed money in 2022. The only player in the current squad hold designated International roster slot is Gonzalo Higuain.

PlayerGuaranteedBase SalaryPositionContract
Nick Marsman $262k$150kGK2023
Clément Diop$100k$81kGK2022
Drake Callender$120k$120kGK2022
Jairo Quinteros$66k$66kDEF2025
Damion Lowe$100k$81kDEF 2023
Aimé Mabika$81k$81kDEF2023
Ian Fray$63k$63kDEF2022
Ryan Sailor$81k$81kDEF2022
Kieran Gibbs $128k$120kDEF2023
Joevin Jones $278k$180kDEF2022
DeAndre Yedlin$100k$81kDEF2025
Christopher McVey$81k$81kDEF2024
Gregore $651k$550kDEF 2024
Víctor Ulloa$100k$81kDEF2023
Blaise Matuidi$1.50m$1.50mMID2022
Jean Mota$100k$81kMID2024
Mo Adams $141k$121kMID2022
Bryce Duke$90k$90kMID2022
Lucas Meek$61k$61kMID2022
Emerson Rodríguez$61k$61kMID2025
Brek Shea$135k$135kMID2022
George Acosta$81k$81kMID2022
Justin Ingram$100k$81kMID2022
Robbie Robinson$170k$125kFW2022
Ariel Lassiter$230k$210kFW2023
Edison Azcona$63k$63kFW2022
Felipe Valencia$63k$63kFW2022
Gonzalo Higuaín$5.7m$5.1mFW2022
Leonardo Campana$61k$61kFW2022

Club Wage Bill Record | Since new changes made to the club, players sent on loan deal to the other clubs, for 2022, season. Wage Bill maximum rise to $15m in the season but if new players joined under international MLS rosters contract, designated players contract, club wage bill hike to $18m in the season.

MLS each year provided the details how much the players earn in the season from their official players guide rule, the above data mostly based on 2021 salaries, once the Inter Miami players salaries for 2022 announced details updated and contracts of the players tooo.

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