Minnesota United Players Salaries | Contracts | Wage Bill | Adrien Hunou Hold Expensive Contract Worth $2.58m A Season

Minnesota United Players Salaries

Adrian Heath, the head-coach of the team made possible changes to his side before the season 2021 continue. The team of Minnesota United managed to finished at 5th place in Western Conference league with 49 points. MUFC managed to qualified for the MLS Cup 2022 playoff first round. Luis Amarilla re-signed new deal with Minnesota United as of designated player in 2022. Minnesota United players salaries reported.

Top Paid Player In Squad | Luis Amarilla, Adrien Hunou and Emanuel Reynoso become three top paid players in 2022 squad of Minnesota United squad. The club announced the signing of 26 year Amarilla in 2022.

Designated Players | Before Amarilla joined the club in 2022, there two players Hunou and Reynoso who hold contract as of designated players. Their contracts worth of $2.5m, since the deal of 26 year old, Amarilla confirmed clubs designated players worth increased $3.5m.

Homegrown Contracts Offered | Fred Emmings and Aziel Jackson the only two players who hold the homegrown contracts with team.

PlayerGuaranteed PurseBase SalaryPositionContract
Tyler Miller $420k$400kGK2022
Dayne St. Clair $99k$95kGK2024
Eric Dick $85k$85kGK2022
Fred Emmings $72k$66kGK2022
Bakaye Dibassy$718k$625kDEF2022
Michael Boxall$422k$384kDEF2023
Brent Kallman$158k$150kDEF2023
Callum Montgomery $83k$81kDEF2022
Nabi Kibunguchy$63k$63kDEF 2022
Chase Gasper$81k$81kDEF2025
Romain Métanire$699$600kDEF2022
Oniel Fisher$147k$140kDEF2022
D.J. Taylor$100k$81kDEF2022
Wil Trapp$747k$747kDEF2022
Hassani Dotson$81k$81kMID2024
Jacori Hayes $169k$160kMID2022
Joseph Rosales $81k$81kMID2022
Robin Lod$952k$849kMID2022
Emanuel Reynoso $966k$750kMID2023
Aziel Jackson $67k$63kFW2022
Franco Fragapane $142k$135kFW2024
Niko Hansen $129k$110kFW2022
Justin McMaster$63k$63kFW 2022
Patrick Weah$76k$63kFW2024
Adrien Hunou $2.58m$2.35mFW2022
Abu Danladi$237k$180kFW 2022
Luis Amarilla (new signing)$1m$1mFW2024
Bongokuhle Hlongwane$81k$81kFW2022

Club Wage Bill | In 2021, since there only two players who are listed as of the designated, after newly signed player Luis Amarilla joined the club, In 2022, clubs wage bill increased to $15m a season by the year 2023 it will rise to $18m.

The above information is based on the Minnesota United players salaries, contracts based on the 2021 season. It’s confirmed that 2022 MLS players’ salaries will be upgraded and the public before the season or first week of the league.

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