Nashville SC Players Salaries | Designated & MLS International Slot Contracts | Hany Mukhtar Hold Top Contract With Club Worth $1.5m

Nashville SC Players Salaries

Gary Smith, the head-coach of the Nashville SC made possible changes to his team before the season began. Under the management of Smith the team of Nashville qualified for 2022 leagues cup and MLS cup. The club finished third on the points table with 54 points with equal points to Philadelphia Union. Philadelphia Union stands second with 54 points with better goals difference. Nashville SC players salaries reported for the new season.

Highest Paid Player In Squad | Loba and Mukhtar the duo currently hold the top contract deal with club according reported data of MLS 2021. Both players salaries hike the wage bill of club upto $2.8m a season. Since 2022, players data not revealed, yet another player will join the squad of Nashville in the designated players category.

Designated Players | Hany Mukhtar and Aké Loba two players signed contract in 2020 and 2021 as of designated player, who will be the third player to join them in the same category, details provided here later once the club announced their third designated player for the season.

Homegrown Players | Alex Muyl, Handwalla Bwana the only two player offered contracts as homegrown more players will be included to the squad on base of Homegrown.

PlayerGuaranteed PurseBase SalaryPositionContract
Joe Willis $316k$300kGK2022
Bryan Meredith$87k$81kGK2022
Elliot Panicco $81k$81kGK2022
Will Meyer$166k$134kGK2022
Walker Zimmerman$981k$925kDEF2023
Dave Romney $225k$225kDEF2022
Jack Maher$149k$115kDEF2022
Robert Castellanos $63k$63kDEF2022
Josh Bauer$63k$63kDEF2022
Ahmed Longmire$100k$81kDEF 2022
Daniel Lovitz$450k$415DEF2022
Taylor Washington $89k$89kDEF2022
Eric Miller $147k$147kDEF2022
Aníbal Godoy$750k$700kDEF2022
Sean Davis $402k$375kMID2024
Tah Anunga $81k$81kMID2024
Dax McCarty $725k$725MID2022
Hany Mukhtar$1.50m$1.50mMID2022
Irakoze Donasiyano $63k$63kMID2022
Randall Leal $477k$420kFW2022
Luke Haakenson$66k$66kFW2022
Handwalla Bwana $85k$85kFW2022
Alex Muyl $246k$240kFW2022
Aké Loba $1.31m$1.07mFW2023
Daniel Ríos $161k$140kFW2022
Teal Bunbury $391k$375kFW2022
C.J. Sapong$100k$95kFW2022
Ethan Zubak $133k$130kFW2022

Club Wage Bill | Since club is looking assigned more rosters to it’s squad on base of contracts homegrown, MLS international roster slot, designated player, and generation adidas, clubs wage bill rise to $14m in the upcoming season of 2022 and based on new deals in MLS international slots in 2023 it will hike to $16m.

The season dates announced for 2022 MLS competition, some players salaries and contracts revealed by the US Media outlets but some players payout details not released, most of the data regarding to players contracts assigned to 2021 Nashville SC players salaries reported in MLS salary.

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