Portland Timbers Players Salaries | Designated Contracts | International MLS Slots | Yimmi Chará & Sebastián Blanco Still Hold Expensive Contracts With Club

Portland Timbers Players Salaries

Under the head-coach Giovanni Savarese, club finished at top 4th place in the Western Conference. Timbers might have won the Western Conference title in 2021, but back to back three defeats in October 2021, changed everything for the club and they finished 5 points behind the conference champions Colorado Rapids. Club looking forward to make possible changes to it’s squad with limited adjusted budget for new players. Portland Timbers players salaries reported.

Highest-Paid Player In Squad | Felipe Mora, Niezgoda, Chará and Blanco four top paid players in the squad. Their contracts worth of $5m, Yimmi Chará one of the top earners in the club on yearly base with contract value of $1.5m a season.

Designated Contracts | In 2017 club made their first major designated signing Sebastián Blanco and later in 2020, two more players signed by the team of the Portland Timbers in designated players category which increase the wage bill of the team. Since 2020, club made no changes to the designated player contracts.

Homegrown Contracts Offered | Blake Bodily, Tega Ikoba, Hunter Suite and Eryk Williamson all four young players offered contracts in Homegrown their contracts worth of $250k including guaranteed payouts as per reported salaries of MLS in 2021.

PlayerGuaranteed PurseBase salaryPositionContract
David Bingham $81k$81kGK2022
Justin vom Steeg $85k$85kGK2023
Aljaz Ivacic $235k$225kGK2022
Hunter Sulte$68k$63kGK2023
Dario Zuparic$541k$525kDEF2022
Bill Tuiloma $234k$220kDEF2022
Larrys Mabiala$450k$450kDEF2022
Zac McGraw$66k$66kDEF2022
Sivert Haugli$81k$81kDEF 2022
Claudio Bravo $323k$300kDEF2022
Pablo Bonilla $85k$85kDEF2022
David Ayala$61k$61kDEF2025
Eryk Williamson $236k$220kMID2022
Cristhian Paredes $283k$252kMID 2022
George Fochive $240k$240kMID2022
Diego Chará $668k$650kMID2024
Sebastián Blanco $1.37m$1.30mMID2023
Blake Bodily$67k$67kFW2022
Yimmi Chará$1.50m$1.20mFW2022
Santiago Moreno$294k$250kFW2025
Dairon Asprilla$277k$275kFW2022
Marvin Loría$81k$81kFW2022
Felipe Mora $905k$825kFW2024
Jaroslaw Niezgoda$908k$739kFW2023
Tega Ikoba$61k$61kFW2024

Club Wage Bill | More players assigned to the squad, which bring massive hike to the club wage bill, according reported data clubs wage bill reported $16m for 2021 increased to $18m in 2022 and if the players salaries keep increasing as they were right now in 2023 and 2024 club wage bill touch limit’s of $20m to $22m a season.

The information regarding Portland Timbers players salaries is based on 2021 MLS reported salaries. Some players new contracts reported US Media outlets but not complete data of MLS players salaries released for 2022.

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