Sydney FC Players Salaries | Weekly Wages | Contracts | Club Wage Bill Recorded $3.3 million For the Australian A League Season

The club is established since 2007, and it’s their 17th season in the Australian A League. Seventh time making appearance in the FFA Cup. Steve Corica made changes to the line-up of the team before the league began in 2021-22. Patrick Flottmann, Alexander Baumjohann and Ryan McGowan left the Sydney FC. New transfer move’s before 2021-22 season increased Sydney FC players salaries budget.

New Players In The Squad | Max Burgess signed two year deal with club which will end in 2023 on free transfer. Anton Mlinaric joined the team on loan deal, Elvis Kamsoba signed two years deal, current contract worth $85k with Sydney FC.

Adam Le Fondre Contract Until 2023 | English player, Adam Le Fondre recently returned from loan deal from Indian Super League team (Mumbai City). In 20 matches, he scored 11 goals for the Mumbai City. The current contract with Sydney FC will end in 2023.

PlayerBase SalaryWeekly WagesPositionContract
Andrew Redmayne$300,000$6,250GK2022
Tom Heward-Belle$85,000$1,500GK2022
James Donachie$100,000$2,083DEF2022
Alex Wilkinson$85,000$1,500DEF2022
Ben Warland$85,000$1,500DEF2023
Joel King$150,000$3,125DEF2022
Connor O’Toole$100,000$2,083DEF2023
Michael Zullo$100,000$2,083DEF2022
Rhyan Grant$250,000$5,210DEF2022
Harry Van der Saag$85,000$1,500DEF2022
Luke Brattan$250,000$5,210DEF2022
Paulo Retre$150,000$3,125DEF2022
Anthony Cáceres$100,000$2,083MID2024
Chris Zuvela$100,000$2,083MID2022
Max Burgess$150,000$3,125MID2023
Milos Ninkovic$200,000$4,650MID2022
Trent Buhagiar$85,000$1,500MID2022
Elvis Kamsoba$85,000$1,500MID2023
Adam Le Fondre$300,000$6,250FW2023
Kosta Barbarouses$300,000$6,250FW2022
Adam Pavlesic $45,000$938GK2021
Anton Mlinaric $45,000$938DEF2022
Callum Talbot $62,500$1,300DEF2022
Calem Nieuwenhof $62,500$1,300DEF2022
Patrick Yazbek$45,000$938MID2022
Patrick Wood$45,000$938FW2023

Club Wage Bill | After back to back new signings the club wage bill increased to $3.3 million. Club offer bonuses for the players, the details not revealed yet about the players who hold contracts with bonuses. The 5 new players inclusion to the squad rise the overall wage bill from $3 million to $3.3 million in 2021-22.

More details for Sydney FC players salaries, weekly wages, contracts, and extension updated here after the season of A League 2022 ended in June.

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