Vancouver Whitecaps Players Salaries | Contracts | Ryan Gauld Highest Paid In The Squad With Guaranteed Salary Upto $2m

Vancouver Whitecaps Players Salaries

The 11th season for the Vancouver Whitecaps over things did not work well for the MLS club, as they finished at 6th place in the Western Conference table. Vanni Sartini, become the manager of the team after Marc Dos Santos contract with MLS side ended back August 27, 2021. Sartini looking for the possible changes in transfers window. Club brings Tristan Blackmon and Sebastian Berhalter both joined the team in the transfer 2022. Vancouver Whitecaps players salaries reported for the season.

Highest Paid Players In Squad | Ryan Gauld and Lucas Cavallini the two hold most expensive contract deal with MLS side in 2022, according to reports both players contract worth more than $3.5m based on bonuses and prize pool for players.

Designated Players | Lucas Cavallini and Ryan Gauld only two players who earned the designated players contract with MLS team Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Homegrown Contracts Offered | Russell Teibert, Thomas Hasal, Kamron Habibullah, Gianfranco Facchineri, and Isaac Boehmer hold the contracts in the homegrown contracts.

PlayerGuaranteed PurseBase SalaryPositionContract
Thomas Hasal$81k$81kGK2022
Isaac Boehmer$66k$66kGK2022
Érik Godoy$450k$400kDEF2022
Ranko Veselinovic $445k$360kDEF2022
Florian Jungwirth $567k$525kDEF2023
Gianfranco Facchineri $68k$66kDEF 2022
Matteo Campagna $72k$63kDEF2022
Cristián Gutiérrez $167k$150kDEF2022
Tristan Blackmon $203k$193kDEF2022
Javain Brown $63k$63kDEF2022
Jake Nerwinski$270k$255kDEF2022
Marcus Godinho$84k$81kDEF2022
Russell Teibert$387k$350kDEF2022
Michael Baldisimo$91k$89kDEF2023
Caio Alexandre $539k$500kMID2022
Pedro Vite$609k$556kMID2025
Leonard Owusu$401k$350kMID2022
Sebastian Berhalter $122k$85kMID2022
Ryan Gauld (designated)$2.02m$1.92mMID2024
Cristian Dájome$447k$400kFW2022
Kamron Habibullah$74k$63kFW2022
Déiber Caicedo$81k$81kFW2023
Ryan Raposo $104k$90kFW2022
Lucas Cavallini (designated)$1.36m$1.10mFW2022
Brian White$216k$216kFW2025
David Egbo$63k$63kFW2022
Simon Becher$81k$81kFW2022

Club Wage Bill | The clubs official budget which is reported based on Vancouver Whitecaps players salaries is $10m in 2021, but since they have bring more players on international roster, signed players from academy on base of homegrown contracts the wage bill increased maximum $13m in 2022 and the rise in budget will hike to $16m in 2023.

Most of the rosters salaries reported based on the reported data of the 2021 MLS, some players salaries updated for 2022 but not for all once their official payouts confirmed details provided here later.

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