How Much It Cost to Host Fifa World Cup | Qatar Investment Rise To $220 Billion For 2022 Tournament

Budget of hosting world biggest football tournament changed. The first details that are out of the files is for Italy, according to reported, the world cup cost Italy $4 billion to host it. But how the cost of the world cup increased after each tournament. It depends on the stadiums capacity and construction. Hosting cost of Fifa World Cup revealed.

Italy (1990) | Worth ($4 billion) | 12 cities choose for the world cup 1990 hosting by the Italian football federation. Tournament began on 8th June and final played on 8th July 1990. West Germany become the champions while Argentina finished as runner-ups in the competition. Overall tournament cost Italy worth of $4 billion and there is massive profit Italy made from 1990 world cup from the tickets sales, hotel business and fashion.

United States World Cup 1994 | Hosting Worth ($500 million) | After 4 years, the hosting of the world cup move to United States in 1994. In June 18, 1994 the event began with the match between United States and Switzerland. Brazil become the champions, while former hosts of the World Cup Italy finished runner-ups. Overall, event and management of USA World Cup 1994 cost $500m.

France World Cup 1998 | Worth ($2.33 billion) | The four years wait of the football fans over and the hosting rights of the next world cup move to France. They did not only host the event but become the champion after defeating Brazil in the final. All matches played on 10 different venues that were adjusted for the World Cup. After watching huge increase in the ticket sales, French football federation, make possible changes to hotels, fans staying, and cultural activities. 1998 world cup cost maximum $2.33 billion budget for the development of stadium, seating capacity.

Korea & Japan Combined | $7 Billion Investment | South Korea and Japan step forward and earn the rights to host the Fifa World Cup. According to reported data, the event cost more than $7 billion for the construction of new stadiums before the cup. Brazil lift the trophy at Korea & Japan world cup held in 2002. A big profit made by the both football federations after huge number local fans appeared in the matches.

Germany Rights of Hosting In 2006 | Just with 1 voting difference, South Africa lost the hosting rights to Germany for 2006 world cup. Germany already hold a strong football league (Bundesliga) they did not acquire bigger budget to host event in 12 different venues of the countries. Italy become the new champions lift the trophy after defeating France in the finals.

South Africa Earn Rights for Hosting 2010 | After wait of four years, South Africa try another luck in the voting of Fifa World Cup 2010 hosting, this time they become successful with 4 votes to earn 2010 event hosting rights. South Africa football federation invested more than $3.6 billion to host the event in 9 cities. Spain become the champions first time after defeating Netherlands in the final.

Brazil World Cup Rights for 2014 | Three bidders for the world cup 2014 reported, only Brazil retain in the bidding list while Argentina and Colombia with draw from the bidding rights. According to football sources, World Cup in 2014, cost more than $15 billion. Brazil retain the list of hosting cost of Fifa World Cup.

Russia Wins Bidding Rights of WC 2018 | Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and England compete alongside for World Cup 2018 rights. The majority votes maximum 12 considered for the hosts. Russia contains 13 votes, and later become hosts of the FIFA world cup. The event cost more than $11.6 billion to Russia. France become the winners 2nd time after 1998 while Croatia finished as runner-ups.

How Fifa World Cup 2022 Become Most Expensive ?

In 2022, Qatar wins the rights for the Fifa World Cup 2022. Stadium development continue and it will be completed months before the tournament will kickoff in November. It’s for the first time when World Cup moved from summer to winter season due to weather condition and covid-19. 2022 Fifa World Cup cost more than $220 billion to Qatar.

  • Tickets sales first phase reported, according football sources 2.1 million fans expected for the event
  • Biggest stadium with more seating capacity considered
  • United States 30% | fans requested tickets
  • England : 25% | fans requested tickets
  • Expensive ticket worth more than $2k including gold package with food supply and seating capacity
  • Rising concerns for Hospitality leaders in food, supply and hoteling in Qatar
Hosting NationCost of HostingWinnersYear
Italy$4 billionGermany1990
USA$500 millionBrazil1994
France$2.33 billionFrance1998
Korea & Japan$7 billionBrazil2002
Germany$4.6 billionItaly2006
South Africa$3.6 billionSpain2010
Brazil$15 billionGermany2014
Russia $11.6 billionFrance2018
Qatar$220 billionTBA 2022

Currently we can not say how much the World Cup 2022 benefit Arab nation (Qatar), but huge number of football fans expected to be in Qatar. Qatar breaks all previous records of cost of hosting Fifa world cup in 2022.

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