Cricketers Insurance Policy | How Much A Player body parts Insured?

Cricketers Insurance Policy Worth

Cricket is now among the most popular sport, watched worldwide and has a solid fan base. Moreover, higher payouts also played a crucial role in the increased fame of this sport. But there are many risks associated with this prestigious game as you may suffer from severe injury during batting, bowling and fielding. There are also incidence in which players have lost their lives like Philips Hughes. That’s why, cricket boards have emphasized on signing the insurance policies for their contracted players. Here are the complete details about the cricketers insurance policy worth.

What Is The Worth Of Cricketers Insurance Policy?

Almost every cricket board is providing incentives to its signed cricketers in case of an injury or a death. The worth of these payouts is different based on various factor including the board’s net worth and annual revenue. Moreover, various other undisclosed factors also determine the amount a player will receive as per insurance policy.

The common guidelines by which a cricket board is worthy of paying additional dues to the cricketers are following.

  • In case of injury during a match
  • Loss of income
  • In case of stealing of belongings
  • Medical bills
  • Doctors’ services
  • Physical therapy

BCCI is on the top in providing the insurance money to the contracted players. On average, BCCI spent $12.1 millions per year regarding the safety of players during international matches. Just behind is England cricket team with annual budget of $8.6 million. While Cricket Australia and West Indies also managed to separate the yearly budget of $8.1 millions and $3.5 millions respectively despite the low net worth. Pakistan is present at number 5 in the list with the budget of $2.1 million annually to be spent on players safety.

Cricketers Insurance Policy Worth

#No.TeamsInsurance Worth/Year
1India$12.1 Million
2England$8.6 Million
3Australia$8.1 Million
4West Indies$3.5 Million
5Pakistan$2.1 Million
6South Africa$1.9 Million
7Bangladesh$1.5 Million
8New Zealand$1.3 Million
9Afghanistan$1 Million
10Sri Lanka$928k

All these are the details about the cricketers insurance policy worth. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!