Dakar Rally 2022 Rides Cost Value (Cars, Bikes, Trucks & Quad Bikes)

Dakar Rally Car Bike Cost

Dakar Rally 2022, a rally raid event held next year in Saudi Arabia, the dates for the event confirmed. It’s one of the most expensive Rally races in the world, drivers have to pay heavy fees to enter in the race, the entrance fee’s for the Dakar Rally 2022, reported $30k for the drivers. But riders and drivers have to pay big amount for their vehicles upgrading before the race and after the race. Dakar Rally car cost, bike cost and truck cost revealed.

Dakar Rally Car – Bike- Truck Cost Value


Cost Value

Mechanical Charges

Entry Fees

Motor Bike




ATV Quads
















The entrance for Quad Bikes, Motorbikes, Cars and Trucks remain same, but when it comes to mechanical problems during the race or event the charges for rider or driver increased to maximum budget. A source reported that, bike riders need changes during the event towards bike worth of $14k maximum, but if any accident occur, the parts availability is the problem, some riders already come with extra parts incase if the bike got damage during the race.

Most of the riders and drivers who participated in the Dakar Rally got sponsored by motorsports companies and drink brands, the sponsorship help them to maintain their rides during the race. But the overall cost may increase too much that rider or driver have to leave the competition.

There is a prize money adjusted for the riders and drivers of the Dakar Rally but it’s not enough to cover the damage held during the race. Mostly sports racing companies sponsored drivers and riders to ease burden of the costs.

Motor Bike Cost to Race in Dakar Rally

A motorbike may not be costly but expense based on it’s damage and other mechanical issues increase it’s cost to $200k or more than that if a part get’s damage because in short-time period a part can not be delivered and replaced it take time.

ATV Quads Cost ($150k)

ATV Quads riders must need to have a strong balance of $100+ before making entry to the Dakar Rally, because a small accident or changes required for every stage during the race, maximum cost that will be adjusted for ATV Quads $150k including mechanical changes and entry fees.

Dakar Rally Cars Cost ($450k)

A driver must pay entry fees upto $25k to $30k before becoming part of the Dakar Rally event. There are other expense that increase the car cost for (4×4) rides which include mechanical changes required for the remaining stages. But incase if car got damage and accident occur, small damage can be repair before next day but if major part damage race is over for the driver. $75k maximum budget to maintain the car during the race.

UTV & Trucks Cost ($350k)

Drivers of UTV and Trucks who participated in the Dakar season 2022, need to pay the entry fees reported in 2018 ($25k) and 2021 ($30k). Beside this their UTV and Trucks cost upto $50k based on machinal changes or getting damage during the race. The numbers for damage part not revealed but a source claimed that drivers come with extra part that get

The details regarding to Dakar Rally rides cost taken from top sources, the cars and bikes data of expense on mechanical changes or damage during the race based on facts and figures of last 5 years event stages. Any changes or new information reported or revealed about details updated here later.

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