Daytona 500 Prize Money | Drivers Purses | How Much Top 10 Drivers Get Paid

In 2023, Daytona 500 prize money is rumored to be around $24.6 million. With this purse, the Daytona race will achieve the highest prize money spot in American motorsport history.

The Reward will be shared among drivers as well. If the 2023 edition follows the same share rule, then the winner of the Daytona 500 will take home around $2.06 million. Runner up will collect $1.51 million.

Daytona 500 prize money break down

Let’s take a detailed view of the Daytona race prize money share:

PositionPrize Money
No. 1USD 2,064,397
No. 2USD 1,512,975
No. 3USD 1,114,836
No. 4USD 936,544
No. 5USD 784,844
No. 6USD 624,009
No. 7USD 566,133
No. 8USD 529,577
No. 9USD 495,596
No. 10USD 470,354

Compare with the 2018 prize money which was $18.5 million, the last three years races witness a hike of 23%. However, the 2023 edition race offers $24.6 million which will be the highest to date.

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