Most Expensive Body Parts Insured By Athletes | Leo Messi Left Leg Insurance Worth €750 Million

Expensive Insured Body Parts

The world’s sports stars could have their careers snatched away from them if they were to lose their most valuable assets. Baseball pitchers wouldn’t perform without the use of their “throwing ” arms. Meanwhile, footballers would be forced to retire if they suffered a serious injury to their legs. So to protect their valuable assets, there come Insurance policies. Based on the current value, here are some of the most expensive body parts insured by athletes.

In most cases, expensive insurance cover can be arranged to protect a sports person’s assets.

#1. Leo Messi, Left Foot (€750 million)

Leo Messi expensive insurance policy

The Argentinian forward is one of the best players of his generation. He is the top scorer for Argentina as well as Barcelona. His insurance policy is nearly equally impressive. Messi has the most costly body part insurance in sports, with a €750 million policy on his left foot.

#2. David Beckham, Legs & Face (€177 million)

Beckham expensive insurance policy

David Beckham is well known for his legendary career with Man United and Real Madrid. Back in the days, Beckham was the talk of the football world.

Apart from his skills on the pitch, He has been considered the face of football, due to his charming face. His insurance policy for his legs & face is worth up to €177 million.

#3. Cristiano Ronaldo, Legs (€103 million)

Cristiano Ronaldo Insurance Body parts

The Portuguese national team captain is one of the highest insured athletes of all time. Real Madrid signed the world-class striker from Man United at a record transfer fee of €90 million.

So, to protect their investment in him, Real Madrid insured his legs to prevent injury when he joined the club in 2009. The insurance policy is valued at €103 million.

#4. Gareth Bale, Legs (€100 million)

Another record-breaking transfer for real Madrid, was when the club signed Speed merchant Gareth Bale.

In 2013 Gareth Bale joined the Spanish giants Real Madrid from Tottenham Hotspurs. later after the 1st injury, Club insured his legs for €100 million.

That decision proved to be right, as bale become injury-prone and missed most of the matches due to injury.

#5. Venus Williams, Wrists ($15 million)

America’s one of the finest talents to grace the tennis court, Venus Williams took an insurance policy worth $15 million. She insured his wrists due to two major injuries ( Sprained right wrist in January of 2006, sprained left wrist in July of 2006) that happened in the early years of her career.

The 10 athletes with expensive insured body parts

AthletesBody PartsPolicy ValueCurrent status
Lionel MessiLegs, Left foot€750 millionActive
David BeckhamLegs & Face €177 millionRetired
Cristiano RonaldoLegs€103 millionActive
Gareth Bale Legs €100 million Active
Venus Williams Wrists$15 millionActive
Iker CasillasHands€15 million Retired
Fernando AlonsoThumb€11 million Active
Johnny DamonEyes$15 millionRetired
Manuel NeuerHands€3.90 millionActive
Merv HughesMustache£200,000Retired

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