Most Expensive Sports Trophies in the World (Revealed)

Expensive Sports Trophies

Most Expensive Sports Trophies




Fifa World Cup

$25 million


Preakness Stakes (Woodlawn Vase) Trophy

$3 million

Horse Racing

BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games Trophy

$1.3 million


Indianapolis 500 Trophy

$1.3 million


Saudi Cup Trophy

$1 million (estimated)

Horse Racing

Stanley Cup Trophy


Ice Hockey

Super Bowl Trophy



European Championship Trophy



ICC Cricket World Cup



Indian Premier League Trophy



Webb Ellis Cup



World Series Trophy



NBA Trophy



Wimbledon Trophy



Premier League



Champions League Trophy



Europa League Trophy



Ryder Cup Trophy



FA Cup



Sports events held each year, at end of the competition clubs, players and teams awarded with prize money and trophies. In recent years, the data regarding to process of making trophies revealed which also describe the actual value of the trophy. Most expensive sports trophies revealed based on the materials, gold and silver used in their process.

Trophies value may be more than this if the sell in auction, the given details of the most expensive trophies for sports based on the use of material and gold, silver and bronze and other materials.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Value $25 million

Fifa World Cup Trophy Worth

The top 32 nations compete for the FIfa World Cup each year held after 4 years term. But how much it cost to build according to reported data, the first trophy presented to the winners worth of $500k but with passage of time and two decades the use of melt gold on trophy increase it’s value to $20 million but recently a sports journal released that actual worth reported ($25 million)

Woodlawn Vase Trophy (Cost Value : $3 million)

The winner of The Preakness Stakes, race awarded with the trophy of Woodlawn Vase, the value of the trophy reported $3 million. The actual value of trophy is $7k but after insurance of the trophy it will increase to $3 million.

BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games Trophy (Cost Value : $1.3 million)

The diamond games which is also known as (BNP Paribas Fortis Diamond Games), it’s a women professional WTA tournament. Recently new design and changes made to it’s trophy was unveiled in 2008, which featured a golden racquet and a ball, and was decorated with 2008 diamonds.

Borg-Warner Trophy Indianapolis 500 (Cost Value : $1.3 million)

Borg-Warner Trophy, is awarded to the winner of Indianapolis 500 race. The trophy named “Borg-Warner” worth of $1.3 million. According motorsports sources it’s among the biggest sports trophies in the world, the first reported data for trophy value $10k but after few years it’s value increased to $1.3 million.

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