F1 Pit Crew Member Salaries | How Much They Will In A Season

F1 Pit Crew Salaries

In F1 championship, pit crews are the most important persons after the driver to win a race. Because, they have to change the tires, refuel the car and repair the damage. the more efficient and trained they are, less time they will consume and there will be more chances for a team to win the race. How much these workers earn. We have researched and collected the salaries details of F1 Pit Crew members.

Teams spend a lot for finding the most efficient pit crew workers so that they consume less time. Ultimately, they pay somewhat higher prices to them. Red Bull is the king of pit stops as they hold the record of 1.82 seconds.

How Does Pit Crew Members Get Paid?

Contract Salary | F1 teams offer contracts to the professionals for a year or years to work with them. In this way, they get the base salary. The more efficient the members are, the more they will earn. Red Bull is currently the highest paying team to it pit crew staff as they made the record of 1.82 seconds pit stop in 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix.

Race Earnings | Besides the annual salary, there are race earnings for the workers as they are present in each match of their teams. They get different amounts depending upon their experience and work abilities. Moreover, category also determines that what will be the race earnings of pit crew member.

Winning Bonuses | Teams also offer winning bonuses to their pit crew members as they are the part of champion teams. This bonus depends upon the category of a worker. Crew Chief earns the highest money while Fire extinguisher man receive lowest payments than others.

Side Bonuses | Many side bonuses are offered to the crew members by the teams. These bonuses include;

  • Travel Fee
  • Free Accommodation
  • Free Parking
  • Health Insurance

Pit Crew Staff

Crew Chief | The most important member of crew staff is the Chief. He is the person who is responsible for making the strategy to provide the service in very short time. Moreover, they are the best paid members of a crew staff and earn the highest income along with bonuses and contracts of greater worth.

Refueling Person | The responsibility of this member is to refuel the car in very short time so that the racer couldn’t suffer from the lack of petroleum. They also sign the contracts of greater worth but receive low money as compared to the Crew Chief.

Tires Carriers & Changers | The tire changer has the most sensitive responsibility as he has to put the new tires at their place without any issue. Thus the racer don’t feel any problem while racing at a rapid pace. Also, the tire carrier has to done his work rapidly to carry the tires near the car as soon as possible. A slight mistake while changing the tire can cost a race or even the racer’s life will be at risk.

Jack Men & Wing Adjuster | For changing the tires, there is a need to lift the car from the ground. Jack men do the task having specialized jack operators that can lift the car in no time. Also, they release the car on a single button push for saving the time as each second is crucial in a race. Moreover, the wing adjuster who has the responsibility to adjust the wing angle also earn the same as Jack Men.

F1 Pit Crew Members Salaries

CategoriesBase SalaryRace EarningsWinning Bonus
Crew Chief$1 Million$10,000$5,000
Refueling Person$350,000$5,000$2,500
Tires Changers$350,000$5,000$2,500
Tires Carriers$270,000$3,500$2,500
Jack Men$150,000$3,000$500
Wing Men$150,000$3,000$500
Lollipop Man$70,000$1,500$250
Starter Man$40,000$750$250
Fire Extinguisher Man$30,000$500$250

Other Members | Still there are many members in the pit crew who have to perform different roles but there role are not so much crucial. That’s why there pays are lower than the other staff members. These members include stabilizer, starting men, and fire extinguisher men.

These are the salary details of Pit crew members. 2022 F1 calendar announced. There will be new contracts to the pit crew members after the tournament and surely there will be salary changes. All the changes will made available here.

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