Female Athletes Who Are Making Millions From Their OnlyFans Exclusive Content | Paige VanZant Top Earning MMA Star With 1.2m Likes On Platform

Female Athletes Money OnlyFans

Paige VanZant one of the top UFC star and MMA fighter. She recently become the part of OnlyFans subscription service based in London. The content subscription service recently become very much popular among the athletes. Who are the top athletes joined OnlyFans here is the list and how much female athletes making money from OnlyFans services reported.

#1 | Paige VanZant | MMA | Model | 1.3m Likes |

Paige VanZant onlyfan account free accesss
  • UFC Contract | 2014-20 | Earnings – $2m (including bonuses and ppv money)
  • Bare knuckle boxing | 2021 | Two Fights ( $200k Per Fight)
  • She endorsed and model for (Nike and Columbia Sportswear)

Paige VanZant active in his MMA career since 2012. Before joining MMA promotions she used to do modelling. Listed among hottest MMA athletes currently active. She is one of the top earning sports athletes right now from OnlyFans subcription service.

Earnings From OnlyFans | £1.5m a year based on his following and content links

#2 | Renee Gracie | Race Driver | 500k Likes |

Renee Gracie onlyfans content
  • She is a race driver.
  • The 27 year old looking to make comeback to Racing in 2022
  • She work in Adult Industry
  • Gracie drive for (Paul Morris Motorsport & Dragon Motor Racing) In 2015-17
  • In 2019, After leaving Racing she become one of the spotlight in OnlyFans
  • According to a news source she earned staggering £5million in two years of posting exclusive content.

She is looking to move back to racing world as per sources. Her career as race driver began from (Aussie Racing Cars Super Series) in 2012. Gracie drive cars (Ford FG Falcon and Holden VF Commodore) during her Super2 Series.

OnlyFans Earnings | £5m in two years (reported).

#3 | Pearl Gonzalez | MMA | 73k Likes |

 Pearl Gonzalez onlyfans content
  • UFC Contract | 2017 | Two Fights | $24k Earnings
  • Invicta FC | 2018-2020 | Earnings – $150k
  • Bare knuckle boxing record | 2021 | Two Fights ($100k Per Fight)

In 2017, Pearl Gonzalez become the UFC fighter she made career debut against Cynthia Calvillo and lost the fight. Later gets another fight in year 2017 lost it too from Poliana Botelho. Since leaving Bare Knuckle boxing and MMA career, she joined OnlyFans platform where she gets 74k likes. One of the top paid MMA star after Paige VanZant, leading female athletes who make money from OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Earnings | £500k (estimated) earnings varies on how many subscribe her content.

#4 | Erica Fontaine | Gymnast | 57.2K Likes

Erica Fontaine OnlyFans Content

Erica Fontaine, tease her fans after joining the OnlyFans subscription service. In January 2022 when the reports regarding to his account released she got 40k likes which increased to 57.2k likes After February 2022. Mostly athletes who are turning towards OnlyFans having reason to earn money some how to fullfill their needs. Some of them were earning big money like Paige VanZant and Renee Graice.

OnlyFans Earnings | Estimated, £300k from her exclusive content

#5 | Alysha Newman | Olympian – Pole Vault | 18.2k Likes |

Alysha Newman OnlyFans Content

The Common wealth games gold medalist, Alysha Newman made her account on OnlyFans. Where she posted her exclusive content and to view her content, subscription is required according to details $24 is monthly charges for her content. That bring her name among top earning athletes from OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Earnings | £850k – based on content she post and likes she received and subscription ration of each month.

#6 | Madelene Wright | Football | 20k Likes

Madelene Wright onlyfans Model

The former Charlton Athletic footballer, Madelene Wright said that she is making around £500k from her OnlyFans model account. Her exclusive content can be preview with the subscription fee reported £24.

OnlyFans Earnings | £1m a year based on exclusive content and likes, previous reports confirmed she made £500k from content.

#7 | Liz Cambage | Basketball Player | 32k Likes |

Liz Cambage onlyfan model

Liz Cambage currently active in her basketball career and hold deal with (Los Angeles Sparks) in 2022. Gold medalist at 2018 common wealth games, earned big fame at OnlyFans subscription content.

Earnings OnlyFans | £1m, these earnings based on her content, likes she received during the month and year.

#8 | Ekaterina Lisina | Basketball | 15k Likes |

Ekaterina Lisina onlyfans model

Ekaterina Lisina, one of the tallest basketball player from Russia. She got 9.1m fans on TikTok and 111m likes on her videos. The 6 foot and 9 inches player, she played for the teams such as (Dynamo Kursk, WBC Spartak Moscow Region). She won bronze medal with Russian basketball team in 2008 games.

OnlyFans Earnings | £100k, because her content is different from other girls.

#9 | Ellie-Jean Coffey | Surfer | 75k likes |

Ellie-Jean Coffey onlyfans model

Ellie-Jean Coffey is surfer, actress and model. She recently turned her self to a new platform (OnlyFans). A source quoted that she made $1m from the content and create new site Ellieunlocked for her exclusive content.

OnlyFans Earnings | £500k based on content and likes she get after subscription.

#10 | Cindy Dandois | Ex-MMA | 29.6K Likes |

Cindy Dandois onlyfans model

Cindy Dandois who recently returned to her MMA career making big money from her OnlyFan subscription account. She posted 278 posts and got more than 26k likes on the account. In 2021, she return to the ring fight in PFL but lost both fights from Kaitlin Young and Kayla Harrison. In PFL fighters earn per fight $10k to $25k maximum. She is one of the hottest MMA female athlete making money from OnlyFans.

Earnings from OnlyFans | £300k from her exclusive content in a year

AthletesSubscription RateLikesSportsIncome Generated
Paige VanZantnot reported1.2mMMA£1.5m a year
Renee Gracie $12.95500kMotorsports £5m – in 2 years
Pearl Gonzalez not reported 74k MMA £500k a year
Erica Fontaine$1052.2kGymnast £300k a year
Alysha Newman$19.9918.2kOlympian £850k a year
Madelene Wright$3320kFootball £1m a year
Liz CambageFree (reported)32kBasketball£1m a year
Ekaterina Lisinanot reported15kBasketball£100k a year
Ellie-Jean Coffey not reported 75kSurfer£500k a year
Cindy Dandois not reported 29.6kMMA£300k a year

Note | This is the list for the 2022 Female Athletes makes money at OnlyFans in 2022 and have their accounts active. If any new female athlete joined the platform details will be updated here later.

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