Financial Rise, Fall and Comeback of Mike Tyson | How Regain Popularity With Comeback Exhibition Fight

The Rise – Mike Tyson’s $400,000,000 Net Worth

Next to Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson has got to be the most famous boxer in history. But there is a reason for his popularity amongst crowds worldwide. Tyson was an absolute legend in the ring and an undisputable champion of the sport. Extremely fast and heavy-hitting, with perfect technique. The boxer became an important American figure when he was still very young. During his prime, Mike Tyson would be paid around $30,000,000 for a fight. He was unstoppable, with a record of 50-4, even in his later years he could surprise the audience in almost every appearance. He fought against boxing legends such as Michael Spinks, Buster Douglas, Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield. It is estimated that at the peak of his boxing career, Mike Tyson’s net worth was around 400,000,000 USD!

The Fall – Bunkruptcy

In 2003, Mike Tyson declared bankruptcy. How does such a prominent figure lose hundreds of millions of dollars within less than 30 years? Tyson had a tendency to making not well thought-through financial decisions. Tyson liked having money, but he liked being able to spend it even more. Apparently, Mike Tyson was a great party host. On his 30th birthday, he invited 700 people and the entire event cost him over half a million dollars. One of the guests Tyson invited over, was Donald Trump. One time, he gifted his then wife Robin Givens a golden bathtub, which cost about 2,000,000 USD.

The boxer had a great passion for exotic cars. It is estimated that he spent around 6,300,000 USD on vehicles alone. He was an owner of a Bentey Continental SC, Lamborghini, Cadillac Escalade and a Hummer H2. Mike Tyson had multiple mansions located throughout the United States. One in Nevada, one in California and one in Connecticut. Tyson also lost a lot of money during his rape trial. The heavyweight champion also bought three Bengal tigers, which he kept in his home. After declaring bankruptcy, it was revealed that he was 8,000 dollars in debt for animal care.

The Comeback – Mike Tyson’s $10,000,000 Net Worth

For a long time Tyson had problems with substance use. According to him, he played a part in the 2009 movie The Hangover, mainly to fuel his drug addiction. Tyson’s appearances in movies and other forms of media soon helped his financial recovery. Among others, he had roles in: Ip Man 3, Madonna’s song, Animal Planets show Taking on Tyson, where Tyson takes part in a pigeon race. He has also launched a successful podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” and appeared on Joe Rogan show to promote his new self. Tyson has also started a cannabis business called Tyson Ranch, which generates up to 900,000 USD a month. He has also had a full biographical internet show made about his person, which streamed on Hulu and Disney+. Today, Mike Tyson’s net worth is estimated at around $10 million.