Top 10 Football Managers Who Earned Most After Getting Sacked | Jose Mourinho Earned The Most With £97.70 Million In Cumulative Fee

Top 10 Football Managers Who Earned Most After Get Sacked

Football Clubs appoint Managers with big investments and beliefs. So, If the potential manager doesn’t meet the club requirements, He immediately gets sacked by the club. However, sometimes it’s vice versa. So, Today’s post is all about Top managers sacked payouts and How much they earned in the cumulative fees.

Top Managers Sacked Payouts

Before diving into the post, let’s develop some common ground on terms that will be used in this post. These are:

  • Sacked: Dismiss from Employement
  • Termination: To reach an end before actual time
  • Cumulative: Successive additions of Numbers
  • Compesnations: Awarding Money to someone in recoination of his loss

For example, If a Manager asks for a potential player to be signed in the transfer window and the board doesn’t pursue, this may lead to a dispute over the signings, which ends in the Manager terminating his contract.

Let’s take a look at the Top managers sacked profiles:

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho

Sacked by Chelsea (Twice), Manchester United, and Tottenham 

Mourinho’s highest compensation fee came from Manchester United. He was sacked by the club in 2018 and got paid nearly £20 million.

Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino

Sacked by Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton

Premier League club Tottenham sacked Mauricio Pchettino in 2019. The club was bound to pay £12.5 million.

Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte

Sacked by Chelsea, Inter Milan

Conte was livid with his expulsion from Chelsea, However, With £26.2 million to terminate his contract with the club, he can live happily.

Harry Redknapp Contracts

Harry Redknapp

Sacked by Tottenham Hotspur, Queens Park Rangers, And Birmingham City

Another former Tottenham manager made the list. The Veteran manager collect a cumulative £20m in compensation after getting sacked by clubs. 

Manuel Pellegrini

Manuel Pellegrini

Sacked by Manchester City, West Ham United, Real Madrid

Forer Man City manager collects roughly £15 million in contract termination fee. He is currently managing La Liga Club, Real Betis.

Top 10 Managerial Sacked Payout List

The managers are ranked based on their Cumulative Sacked Fee

RankManagers Highest Sacked Fee Cumulative Sacked Fee
1Jose Mourinho £20 million £97.70 million
2Mauricio Pochettino £12.5 million £46 million
3Antonio Conte £26.2 million £36.2 million
4Harry Redknapp  £8 million £20 million
5Manuel Pellegrini £6 million £15 million
6Mark Hughes N/A£13 million
7Sam Allardyce  N/A £12 million
8Brendan Rodgers N/A £10.5 million
9Alan Pardew N/A £9.2 million
10Andre Villas-Boas N/A £8.5 million

Managers are often tied down to clubs on long contracts and are entitled to enormous pay-outs if said contracts are terminated.

Based on that, Former Chelsea, Manchester United, and Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho have the highest Cumulative managerial payout. The current Roma boss has earned a cumulative compensation of £97,674,480 from being sacked.

Although there is the obvious disappointment of being demanded to leave a club and the embarrassment of that, the significant payouts that managers receive upon their departure will certainly go a long way to softening the blow.

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