Gareth Bale’s Tottenham Loan Deal Financial Numbers (Confirmed)

Gareth Bale has finally sealed a move away from Real Madrid with Tottenham Hotspurs agreeing for a 1 year loan deal worth £15 million. Gareth Bale will be returning to Tottenham in what is a sensational move for the club who sold Bale back in 2013 for a record £89 million. Manchester United were the prefered option for Bale camp but United were put off by the financial numbers and their still active pursuit for Jadon Sancho. 

Gareth Bale has signed for Tottenham in a season long loan deal for a £15 million fee. Tottenham will be paying just the portion of Bale’s £500,000 a week wages while Madrid pay rest of the wages for 2020-21 season.

Gareth Bale still have a contract with Real Madrid till 2022 and Madrid are paying him £500,000 a week in wages but with Spurs loan deal, Madrid will be paying portial of Bale’s wages for 2020-21 season. The loan deal is rather expensive if we look at how much it will cost Tottenham for just 1 year. They will pay £15 as a loan fee to Real madrid plus they will be paying 50% of Bale’s wages (£250,000 a week) making him the highest paid player in Tottenham ranks.

Loan Tenure & Fee1 Year loan deal where Tottenham will pay £15 million as loan fee.
WagesBale is still contracted to Real Madrid in a £500,000 a week deal till 2022. Tottenham will pay 50% of the wages for 2020-21 season.
Option for permanent move ?NO: There is no clause in the loan contract enabling Tottenham to buy the player outright after loan ends.
When the loan deal ends ?Gareth Bale will be available to play for Spurs from 17th September and loan deal ends in June 2021

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