Gender pay gaps in sports

Even in 2021, the Gender pay gaps in major sports still exist. Every league and sports organization has its own structure of paying athletes and performers compensation and benefits. But, it may vary from sport to sport.

Take a look at popular sports from all over the world that shows a common reality of women athletes and women’s team making less money as compared to men’s team and male athlete.

The table consists of the data of top athletes earning the highest salary in their respective field sports as compared to top-earning women athletes in the same sport.

Basketball (NBA & WNBA)$7.5 million$120,648
Golf (PGA & LPGA)$1,235,495$48,993
Football (FIFA worldcup)$38 million$4 million
Football (Primere league)$58,880 $22,000 
Tennis (ATP & WTA)
Avg. player Compensation across major sports in 2021

Through anaylising from the table, One can clearly understand the gender pay gap equation in major sports.

You can reach indepth analysis of disparity in gender payscale in sports. Where we discuss how much top women athlete make compared to top men’s athlete. Also which sport is paying the highest salary/prize money to women ?

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  1. feminist want to force even sport to pay women equal to men but how can it be possible ? when united play 75,000 fans are in stadium week and week out while millions if not billions watching from home. While women football in a whole year barely generate those numbers. so shut the f up everyone and get on with the life.

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