Top 10 Highest Grossing Boxing Fights Of All Times

Floyd Mayweather truly lives up to his nickname “Money”. Among all-time Highest Grossing Boxing Fights, Floyd Mayweather holds the top 4 positions. He is regarded as the Pay per View King with an astonishing career.

Floyd Mayweather’s record speaks for himself. He fought in 50 PPV and never lost a single fight and that’s the reason why he get paid more than any other Boxer.


This fight is labeled as the “Fights of the Century” and the most money involving fight ever. A long-awaited clash between these two fighters ultimately brought sponsors to one table.

Fights live up to its hype. As the anticipated pair were able to sell 4.6m pay-per-view subscriptions and tickets for the public started at $1,500 for the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Take a look at statistics data:

  • PPV Revenue: $410 million
  • Gate: $77.85 million
  • PPV Buys: 4.6 million
  • Mayweather’s purse: $297 million
  • Pacquiao’s purse: $162 million
  • Total: $900 million

However, other Heavyweight boxing fights like Mike Tyson V Lennox Lewis are part of this Highest Grossing Boxing Fights list. Have a look at the all-time Highest Grossing Boxing Fights:

RankDateFightPPV BuysGate PPV Revenue
102-05-2015Floyd Mayweather V Manny Pacquiao4,600,000 $77.85 m$410 million
226-08-2017Floyd Mayweather V Conor McGregor4,300,000$58.35 m$396 million
322-09-2013Floyd Mayweather V Canelo Álverez2,200,000$26.52 m$150 million
420-05-2007Floyd Mayweather V Oscar De La Hoya2,480,000$19.89 m$136 million
508-06-2002Mike Tyson V Lennox Lewis1,950,000$18.83 m$112 million
622-06-1997Mike Tyson V Evander Holyfield II1,990,000$15.38 m $100.2 million
719-08-1995Mike Tyson V Peter McNeeley1,550,000 $12.48 m $96 million
805-05-2012Floyd Mayweather V Miguel Cotto1,500,000 $10.32 m $94 Million
929-11-2020Mike Tyson V Roy Jones Jr.1,650,000 $8.52 m $80.5 million
1019-04-1991Evander Holyfield V George Foreman1,450,000 $7.56 m $80 million

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