How Conor McGregor Became The biggest PPV Star Of All-Times

Corner MacGregor is an absolute UFC PPV star. He has the most Highest Grossing UFC Fights in the company History.

Conor McGregor became the biggest UFC star after his impressive performances in the early stage of his career. He holds four out of five Highest Grossing UFC Fights to his name.

McGregor vs Khabib -UFC 229

MacGregor’s fight against Khabib at UFC 229 is the highest-grossing UFC Fight. Take a look at the numbers,

  1. PPV buy: 2.4 million
  2. $86.5 million in PPV revenue
  3. Gate Reciept: $17.5 million
  4. Total Revenue: $105 million+

With such numbers and figures, Macgroger proved despite his loss, why he is crowned as the PPV king of UFC fights.

Below is the all-time UFC Highest-grossing fights list:

1UFC 229Khabib vs. McGregor2,400,000$120 million
2UFC 202McGregor vs Diaz 21,600,000$90 million
2UFC 257McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 1,600,000 $90 million
3UFC 196McGregor vs. Diaz1,317,000$82 million
4UFC 100Lesnar vs Mir1,300,000$80 million
5UFC 205McGregor vs Alvarez1,300,000$82 million
6UFC 251Usman vs. Masvidal1,300,000$82 million
7UFC 194McGregor vs Aldo1,200,000$75 million
8UFC 116Lesnar vs Carwin1,161,000$55 million+
9UFC 158St-Pierre vs Diaz1,110,000$48 million+
10UFC 168Weidman vs Silva 21,110,000$40 million+

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