Highest Grossing UFC Fights Of All-Times Official Numbers Since 2002 to 2022

Conor Mcgregor is the ultimate PPV star produced by UFC. Looking at UFC’s PPV history, McGregors name comes up 5 times in top 10 highest grossing UFC fights of all-times.

Ultimate fighting championship commonly known as “UFC” has come along way since it was founded back in 1993. Now UFC has become the most lucrative MMA competition in the world. UFC is rivaling Boxing and have left behind Wrestling not only in terms of TV viewership numbers but also in terms of its capacity to generate massive revenue for its fighters. Today we take a look at some of the highest grossing UFC fights of all times.

Highest Grossing UFC Fights of All-Times:

#1. Khabib vs McGregory (UFC 229) – Highest Grossing UFC Event Of All-Times

  • PPV buy: 2.4 million ($86.5 million in PPV revenue)
  • Gate Reciept: $17.5 million
  • Total Revenue: $105 million+

Conor McGregor became the bona fide UFC star after his impressive performances early in his career. His name appear several times in top 10 highest grossing UFC fights. Below is the list of UFC events which did over 1 million PPV sales.

Conor McGregor has taken UFC to whole different level in terms of how successful the sport can be in terms of revenue. Off the top 20 all time highest grossing UFC fights his name comes up 5 times which goes to show the impact he had in this sport. He himself was ranked as one of the highest paid athlete in the world in several years.

Below is the list of highest grossing UFC fights in terms of PPV revenue.

1UFC 229Khabib vs. McGregor2,400,000$120 million
2UFC 202McGregor vs Diaz 21,600,000$90 million
3UFC 196McGregor vs. Diaz1,317,000$82 million
4UFC 100Lesnar vs Mir1,300,000$80 million
5UFC 205McGregor vs Alvarez1,300,000$82 million
6UFC 251Usman vs. Masvidal1,300,000$82 million
7UFC 194McGregor vs Aldo1,200,000$75 million
8UFC 116Lesnar vs Carwin1,161,000$55 million+
9UFC 158St-Pierre vs Diaz1,110,000$48 million+
10UFC 168Weidman vs Silva 21,110,000$40 million+
11UFC 207Nunes vs. Rousey1,100,000$48 million+
12UFC 92The Ultimate 20081,050,000$30 million+
13UFC 121Lesnar vs. Velasquez1,050,000$35 million+
14UFC 91Couture vs Lesnar1,010,000$35 million+
15UFC 200Tate vs. Nunes1,009,000$30 million+
16UFC 246McGregor vs. Cerrone1,000,000$40 million+
17UFC 158St. Pierre vs. Diaz950,000$30 million+
18UFC 66Liddell vs. Ortiz 2929,000$20 million+
19UFC 148Silva vs. Sonnen 2925,000$23 million+
20UFC 94St-Pierre vs. Penn 2920,000$20 million+

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