Highest Paid Wrestlers In AEW | CM Punk Holds The Most Expensive Contract

Highest Paid AEW Wrestlers

After WWE, the federation who played a big role in the promotion of the wrestling is All Elite Wrestling. Founded in 2019, AEW has the biggest bank for paying highest amounts to the wrestlers to compete with WWE. Here we will describe the highest paid AEW Wrestlers who are currently active and receiving healthy income. The genius brains behind the company enables it to come side by side in a competition with WWE is just 3 years.

How AEW Wrestlers Generate Money?

AEW is now one of the highest paying wrestling industry. There are several foundations who are promoting wrestling. But AEW becomes successful on the basis of greatest sponsorships and TV broadcast deals. That’s why they are offering huge purses to the wrestlers.

Contract Salary | AEW offers different contracts to the wrestlers with different base salary. These payouts mostly depend upon the career records and name of the professional wrestler. The famous names get the highest money while a Debutante don’t receive a contract and thus paid lowest.

Sponsorships | The biggest brand which is sponsoring AEW is Cracker Barrel. AEW signed a new deal in 2021. AEW offers the wrestlers a share of this sponsorship deal that cause an increment in the earnings. Moreover, different sponsor directly makes deals with the big names of AEW.

PPV Money | After contract salary, PPV share revenue is the 2nd biggest source of an income for a wrestler associated with AEW. If a fight is between two big names, obviously more will be PPV sales and more money will generate. The wrestlers also receive a part of this income.

Highest Paid AEW Wrestlers

WrestlersBase SalaryPPV ShareSponsorship
CM Punk$3 Million
Chris Jericho$1 Million
Cody Rhodes$800,000
Dustin Rhodes$600,000
Adam Page$500,000
Matt Hardy$500,000
Lucha Bros$400,000
Highest Paid AEW Wrestlers

CM Punk

Base Salary: $3 Million
Sponsorship: –
PPV Share: –

Phillip Jack Brooks, professional wrestler from American, better known for his ring name CM Punk. He is currently the highest paid wrestler in AEW as he has an excellent career. He also played as MMA fighter and worked as actor.

Highest Paid AEW Wrestlers

Chris Jericho

Base Salary: $1 Million
Sponsorship: –
PPV Share: –

Chris Jericho, another big name of wrestling world is currently a part of AEW. He holds a contract having a base salary of worth $1 Million. The Canadian singer and wrestler left WWE in 2018 and become a part of newly formed promotional industry AEW.

All these are the details of wrestlers getting highest money from their contracts with AEW. If there will be a new contract or changes in the salaries occur, we will update the details on the site. Till then, stay tuned!

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